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Holiday Gift Card Blow Out Sale

Holiday Gift Card Blow Out Sale

Rachel Justis

This time of year is the most stressful for everyone. The shopping lists suddenly become two miles long and the in-laws are coming to town. When your shopping list is two miles long and your in-laws are coming to town there simply isn’t enough time to get everything done. Not to mention, being on the go and heavy lifting during the season can run your body down. So how can you get rid of unwanted holiday stress? The answer is simple.

By getting a massage.

 There’s no better time to treat yourself during the holidays. When temperatures drop muscles get tight. Get away from the cold and join us at Elements Massage. Let one of our Massage Therapist warm up the tense muscle joints to help relieve your pain and stress. Don’t forget, your body is straining from hours of baking, decorating, wrapping gifts, and much more. Our therapists can help you recover faster.

We’ve already given you so many reasons to book that massage today and with the specials we are offering you can give your loved ones the gift of relaxation. So let’s make this simple:

 1. Go to Massage Elements Buckhead.

2. Take advantage of our Gift Card Blow Sale and receive TWO 55-minute Massage Gift cards for $99.

Yes, you’re saving $79 and the time you would’ve wasted in traffic to get to a mall and the time wasted waiting in line. This way you can pamper yourself, family members, and save money. Trust us, this won’t be a gift they forget about.

Do you really NEED a massage? 

Receiving a massage isn’t a luxury, but a need. It’s an effective treatment for many medical conditions, it can prevent further injury, and it promotes a fit lifestyle. The holidays are finally here and this time of year is about giving, spending time with family, and selflessness. However, you can’t forget to treat yourself. Therefore, kill two birds with one stone on your holiday gift list and treat yourself at the same time. How? By taking advantage of our Gift Card Blow Out Sale!

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