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What's The Best Treatment For Sore Muscles?

Mrisa C.
Elements Medford

"Stretching, increase your water intake and continue with whatever form of exercise you have engaged in. Massage on a regular basis."

Teresa V.
Elements Missouri City

"There are many reasons people experience sore muscles. Dehydration and exercise are the two main reasons. The best ways to manage it is by getting on a routine of water consumption, exercise program, soaking in hot water with Epsom salt, and a massage maintenance plan. Massage therapy can help in many ways; such as increasing circulation, releasing toxins, and releasing tension in the muscles. Receiving massage on a regular basis allows the body to respond faster."

Karen C.
Elements Medford

"First stretch, then ice, and massage the sore area. Then drink water and rest if needed!"

Deb Z.
Elements West Chester

"The best treatment for sore muscles is heat. Whether it is a heating pad or a hot bath, heat draws new blood to the muscle which flushes out the toxins and replaces them with oxygen and potassium that repairs and relaxes the muscles."

Yorla P.
Elements Medford

"To help treat sore muscles use an ice pack wrapped in a thin towel. This is best for immediate relief and will help reduce inflammation."

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