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What Makes a Massage Therapeutic?

Angel W.
Elements Florence

"Meeting the client's needs for that visit. Therapeutic to one person can be quiet and relaxing and time away from the busy world. Another person needs that tension, knot or injury worked on to get relief so they can get back to their normal way of life. Just like beauty, therapeutic is in the eye of the beholder. Therapists need to ask what they can do to make that person lying on the table feel great and want to tell everyone they come in contact with who helped them get there."

Jenny P.
Elements Louisville East

"When the massage has a positive effect on your physical, mental and emotional well-being!"

Matt S.
Elements Westford

"In my opinion, almost everything is therapeutic about a massage. The simple contact with a client immediately releases healthy chemicals from the brain, thus helping them to relax. Blood flow is increased, tension is released, and lots of harmful toxins trapped in the muscles are also released. All of those things help your body stay healthy and keep your mind in a more peaceful place."

Brittany V.
Elements Centennial

"Massage utilizes the sense of touch to provide healing of mind, body and spirit. It's very beneficial for the relief of tension and a wide variety of ailments."

Daryl L.
Elements Greenville

"I think all modalities can be therapeutic because touch is very powerful. Some clients may not get a lot of affection or nurturing touch in their lives. This is where massage can bridge the gap between the two in a professional way. Massage can also be therapeutic in freeing the mind from something that was traumatic in a person's past, rejuvenating the body from old and new injuries and renewing their spirit to allow a person to experience what true wellness is all about."

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