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Summer Activities Can Take a Toll On Your Body: 3 Benefits of Regular Massage

Your body can take a beating with your busy summer activities. While we all want to have fun in the sun, self-care is important to avoid injury throughout the summer.

At last. Summer is here, and your days are filled with nothing but hammocks in the warm breeze, tall glasses of iced tea sipped in the afternoon shade, and a towering stack of novels to be devoured, one by one. Right?? Ummmm, no. The truth is that summer can be hard work. If you’ve got kids, while your days are fun, they’re not quite of the relaxing variety. You spend a lot of time slathering sunscreen on squirmy and unwilling limbs, driving to summer camps and sports, carrying coolers packed with snacks for, what seems like, miles, playing at the park, and giving piggy-back rides. There are plenty of sweaty days at the zoo where, after 25 minutes, you end up carrying, pack-mule style, 3 hats, 4 water bottles, an insisted-upon superhero toy and his accompanying vehicle, some granola bars, and a helium balloon.

Kids or no kids, your evenings, and weekends are likely comprised of plenty of weeding, mowing, and group sports. Add a few hiking or camping trips, with the required hauling and carrying, loading and unloading of needed items. Indeed, these are fun, exciting activities that many wait all year for, but it’s no wonder that summer can leave you feeling a little tired and sore.

In order to keep summer in its proper place of a much-loved and much-anticipated season, it’s important that you keep your body and mind in the best possible condition. In order to do that, regular summer appointments with your massage therapist will be exactly what’s needed.

Here are just three benefits of regular therapeutic massage:

  • Cell Recovery
    As you toil, play, and carry, your muscles get strained and develop tiny tears. As your body works to repair these tears, what you feel is sore, aching muscles. Sure, ice can help with the pain and inflammation, but a massage is key to promoting more effective cell recovery and can lessen inflammation more permanently.
  • Self-Care
    After the playground visits with the kids, your neighbor’s BBQ, your sister’s yard makeover project that has somehow become your project, and all of the other endless things you do for others, it’s time to take care of yourself. YOU sometimes become the lowest thing on your priority list, because it seems that the only one impacted is you. However, as you make the time for regular massages, you’ll find that you will be a much better (and happier!) employee, parent, friend, and family member. Self-care is critical for people who care for everyone else.
  • Quiet Time
    Wouldn’t you love an hour of uninterrupted quiet? When you’re on the massage table, there are no lawn mowers, no kids splashing water on your sandwich, no laundry piles in front of you, and no computer. There’s just the sound, perhaps, of soothing music, and the knowledge that you are exactly where you need to be, doing exactly what you need to do.

Summer is wonderful, without a doubt. Make yours (and your loved one’s) even better by taking care of your muscles, your mind, and your well-being.

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