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Long Weekend Relaxation with Personal Massage

As we reach the heart of summer, you are probably using a few vacation days to take long weekends. What are you doing with your long weekends? Are you using your well-deserved vacation day to relax? After all, the whole reason you are taking a day is to recharge your batteries. Try these ideas to take full advantage of your long weekend.

Shut the Office Door
If you are taking a day off you need to leave work at the office. Shut your mind off and stop thinking about work while on your long weekend. Try doing things that won’t allow you to think about work. Have fun. Clear your mind.

It’s tough, but the best way to relax is to unplug from your electronic devices. Emails, texts, Facebook can all wait until Monday. You’ll be amazed at how refreshing it is not checking your phone every few minutes. Use your phone for emergency purposes only.

Find Nature
Take some time to enjoy nature. Try to go camping, hiking or enjoy a long bike ride. Make sure that you take the time to live in the moment. Let your senses run wild, take in the sights, smells, and sounds.

Get in a Workout or Yoga
Use your time off to get in a good workout or do some yoga. When you are in “work mode,” sometimes you most likely rush through a workout or skip it all together. Although tough, workouts can be a good way to recharge the batteries.

Get a Massage
Perhaps the most relaxing thing you could do is treat yourself to a personal massage from Elements Massage™. A personal massage will relax your mind and your body. A massage therapist will customize a massage that fits your needs. Find your Elements Massage™ studio at

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