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5 Benefits of Massage and Swimming

Swimming is perhaps one of the great full-body workouts for any fitness level. It is the perfect combination of muscle and cardio conditioning. Plus, in the summer it provides an excellent way to stay cool. Did you know that massage therapy can play a significant role in your swimming technique as well as in helping your muscles recover after a swim?

Increased Range of Motion
Massage therapy will improve blood circulation throughout your body. When swimming you are using your entire body, with increased circulation your muscles will loosen up, you’ll be more flexible and eventually you’ll have a greater range of motion. This will increase your time in the pool and allowing you to be a strong swimmer.

Restore Mobility to Injured Muscles
With an exercise that requires a lot of muscle movement and stretching, it is easy to get tightness and even knots in your muscles. Regular massage therapy will help will help repair any damaged muscle tissue.

Reduce Risk of Overuse Injury
With so many muscle groups working hard repeatedly, swimmers can experience injury and muscle fatigue relatively easy. Massage therapy will help keep your swimming muscles loose, helping to avoid injury from overuse.

Quick Recovery
After any exercise, you’ll feel tightness. It is best to stretch to get the blood flowing again and to avoid lactic acid build-up. After a swim, make sure to stretch properly. A post swim massage would be very beneficial for muscle and mental recovery.

Improve Mental Focus
In general, when your body is relaxed, your mind is at ease as well. It’s only fitting that massage therapy helps ease the mind for swimmers which allowing them to focus when they are in the water.

As you approach your summer swimming regimen, think about massage therapy to help improve your swimming fitness levels. Elements Massage™ offers custom massage therapy that will be designed specifically to meet your needs. The Elements Promise™ guarantees you will experience the best massage. Visit to find a studio near you.

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