Relief for plantar fasciitis through massage

Plantar fasciitis, also known as plantar fasciopathy or jogger’s heel, is a common and painful disorder that affects the heel and underside of the foot. By definition, it is a disorder of the insertion site of ligament on the bone and is characterized by scarring, inflammation or structural breakdown on the foot’s plantar fascia, which is where its name comes from. Its causes often include overuse injury of the plantar fascia, increases in exercise, weight or age. It was originally thought to be an inflammatory process, but newer studies have demonstrated structural a degenerative process. Anyhow, it has been proved that through massage the pain caused by this disease can be significantly decreased.

In spite of the fact that this is not a commonly known fact, our feet muscles are actually the ones who do the hardest work, so it is not hard to realize why they need the most accurate massage. We walk by foot from our homes to our offices, we run in the park in the evenings, we prepare the meal in our kitchen and the tiredness slowly accumulates in our feet. As a result, our feet are injured pretty often, so we should understand why plantar fasciitis strikes.

The arch of the foot is a fascinating structure as it is like a bow without an arrow. Its curved shape is created by a string of muscles and elastic connective tissues. This explanation can be understood even by those who have no medical studies. As you take a step, your weight pushes down on the arch and it does not collapse because of an artful combination of bone shape, springy ligaments and the arch muscles. The so called ‘perfect spot’ for massaging, a spot that releases the tension in your foot and helps with the pain cause by the fore mentioned disease can be found in the centre of the bottom of the foot, halfway between the heel and the ball, halfway between the inside and outside edges.

Massaging the arch of the foot gives a one of a kind sensation. It usually produces a crisp and tolerable pain with mild to moderate thumb pressure only, which some people find quite surprising. Despite its popularity, this spot does not cause any referred sensation, which is the satisfying and spreading ache that is often associated with other significant trigger points. Nevertheless, if you don’t experience any kind of pain it doesn’t mean that the massage technique you are using is not working. It’s just some people deal with this ache while others don’t.

Of course, most people crave a massage that is done by professionals or even by someone who has some skills in this domain, even though is not of this profession. Anyhow, when it comes to massage, feet are the parts of our bodies that are the easiest to massage by our own in case someone else is not available to do it for us. Try a foot massage and you will definitely experience a better health condition and a decreased level of pain in case you suffer from plantar fasciitis.


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