Plantar fasciitis relief

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Plantar fasciitis occurs when the flat ligament on the bottom of the foot that runs between the heel and the foot pad is stretched in an awkward position. If the plantar fascia is strained, small tears may develop in the ligament. As a result, the ligament becomes inflamed, making it painful to put pressure on the affected foot.

We have licensed massage therapists that are experienced in treating plantar fasciitis. If you are working with a chiropractor, having periodic massage sessions specifically targeting your foot has been proven to aid recovery.  In fact, a few of our members joined specifically because of the noticeable improvements after receiving treatments from our therapists.

Please contact our studio to schedule a therapeutic session that can help relief you from plantar fasciitis pain. Make sure to mention that you are suffering from plantar fasciitis and our client service specialist will match you with the right therapist.

Relief from plantar fasciitis is just around the corner. Let us show you how a great therapeutic massage can change everything. Call now to book your session or fill out the form on the right and let us handcraft a massage just for you.



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