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Vibrant green

Anita S. Mar 1, 2018 News

The color green, associated with the month of March, is a symbol of rebirth, regrowth, renewal and positive energy.  It is a calming color, representing the balance and harmony between the head and the heart. It is the color of spring, when nature awakens from a long slumber and revitalizes the earth with fresh, new growth. Green renews and restores our energy when we...

Love abundantly

Anita S. Feb 1, 2018 News

Love conquers all.  The ability to love freely and abundantly is truly a gift like no other.  There is pure joy and happiness when we love without any barriers. To achieve the ability to love others abundantly, we must first love who we are.  When body and mind are integrated, it allows us to see things clearly. If we accept ourselves, without self judgments...

Live a life of purpose

Anita S. Jan 3, 2018 News

The New Year beckons, we are excited about the possibilities and opportunities the year ahead may hold for each of us. Perhaps this year, make a conscious effort to live each day with intention, and live the year with purpose.  Living with intention and purpose gives deeper meaning to our lives.  It fulfills us like nothing else can.  It puts the jaunt in our...

The greatest gift

Anita S. Dec 1, 2017 News

Imagine what could happen were we to embrace life's natural flow?  Instead of setting boundaries around our abilities, or restricting our minds, we adopted an attitude of acceptance with what came our way.  What if we looked for spaces in our lives that were ready for new growth and opportunity?  And, we stopped letting others' judgments prevent us from...

Finding calm in a frantic world

Anita S. Nov 1, 2017 News

Traumatic events, the ones created by nature, have sadly been occurring more often in recent years.  Catastrophic events which are created by humans have also been more frequent.  During the past few years, we have been shocked to wake up and to hear on the news, yet again, about an event which claimed innocent lives.  These events are disturbing to us, and shatter...

Silence and stillness

Anita S. Oct 1, 2017 News

The winds of seasonal change are upon us once again!  So refreshing to feel the crisp autumn air to revitalize and refresh us with new energy!  With the new season, maybe it's time to reflect upon how to quiet our minds so that we can put an end to non-stop thinking.  All of us have an endless internal dialogue going on in our heads, sometimes impossible...

We are honored

Anita S. Sep 1, 2017 News

This past month, at the Elements Massage annual national conference, Elements Woodridge received recognition for attaining a significant and an honorable membership level.  We were awarded a beautiful award for this achievement and are very proud of being rewarded for doing something we truly enjoy.  We have members who are still with us today, from the first day/month/year...

Choose to "re-path"

Anita S. Aug 1, 2017 News

When we set a path in life, and then face insurmountable obstacles, it is often difficult to "re-path".  That is, re direct ourselves onto a new path in life. Life happens to everybody.  That is a given.  Nobody's life is a bed of roses, although it may look so from the exterior.  It is so important, especially when facing traumatic circumstances,...

Hail the American flag

Anita S. Jul 1, 2017 News

Red, white and blue - colors that make up the American flag.  Red signifies valor and power; white depicts innocence and purity; and blue, the color of the sky and the sea, signifies vigilance, perseverance and justice.  The American flag represents eternal principles and values: liberty, justice and humanity. It is the icon for American freedom: freedom of speech,...

Pursue happiness

Anita S. Jun 1, 2017 News

It seems as if we are all so busy being on our devices, or, committed to numerous activities requiring us to be at certain places at specific times, that we are in a constant state of crankiness.  Maybe it's time to take a step back, breathe, get off our devices, and spend time personally interacting with each other, to find ourselves again. Socializing and interacting...

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