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Words of Wellness / News

words of wellness words over nature landscape

Anita S. Jun 1, 2021 News

It is a simple, basic, human function. Breathing. But its’ significance is overlooked, perhaps because we do it naturally. But are we breathing the right way?

Anita S. May 1, 2021 News

Events over the past year have drained our energy, and made it difficult to live a normal existence. Fear is a natural response to stress, danger, emotional shock and emergencies, and when it takes over, it can become a chronic condition.

Anita S. Apr 1, 2021 News

A fresh approach beckons, with warmer temperatures, and greener surroundings. A much needed change of season brings us new opportunities, not only to explore the outdoors, but also to explore and broaden our minds.

Anita S. Mar 1, 2021 News

A healthy and clear mindset is achieved by investing in our most important asset - ourself. The ability to think on our own is an attribute which we should strive to achieve. Keeping a balanced and active body helps us to think more clearly and openly.

Anita S. Feb 1, 2021 News

Four letters which make up an extraordinary word - LOVE. Love brings out the best in us; if we are able to live with love in our heart, then we are able to give that love freely to others.  To be able to love without inhibitions or conditions, and with abundance, is the greatest gift of all.  Love brings out creativity, inspiration, and makes the world a better place...

Anita S. Jan 1, 2021 News

We have a chance to start this new year with a positive attitude. The past year has taught us much through all the challenges we went through, and it is important to acknowledge this.

Let's begin with counting our blessings, and practicing gratitude for all the goodness in our lives;

Anita S. Dec 1, 2020 News

A very unique and unusual holiday season this year. Possibly, a much quieter one than we have ever experienced.  Be at peace, be calm, have joy.  The future is bright and the stars are shining. Our Elements Massage Woodridge team is truly thankful that you allow us to be a part of your well-being.  During this turbulent year, more than any other, we have...

Anita S. Nov 1, 2020 News

Although this Thanksgiving will be unlike the normal, traditional holiday that we are used to, the significance of the holiday remains the same. As we prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving during a challenging, unprecedented and stressful year, we must consider that there is much to be grateful for, especially this year.

Anita S. Oct 1, 2020 News

This very unusual period of time has impacted every single person. We have all had to adjust our lives to be able to function in a world which we have never had to live in before. This unknown and uncertain time has lead to tremendous mental and physical stress, which in turn, can lead to chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, and obesity.

Anita S. Sep 1, 2020 News

As the world swirls around us, and as we continue to watch the unrest, conflict and negative events which we have never seen before, we can begin to feel similar unhealthy feelings inside of us.  These emotions need to be dealt with, using positive and constructive methods, allowing us to heal ourselves. We are unable to control the events which are going on in the...

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