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Mon - Sun 9am - 9pm
24-Hour Cancellation Policy
Elements Massage 2167 NW 185th Ave
Hillsboro, OR   97124
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Tanasbourne Village

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2167 NW 185th Ave
Hillsboro, OR 97124

Mon - Sun 9am - 9pm
24-Hour Cancellation Policy

Meet Our Massage Therapists in Hillsboro, OR

At Elements Massage Tanasbourne, our highly trained and qualified massage therapists will work with you to meet your individual needs.

Anna | Level 1 - 3

Education: East West College of Healing Arts. Graduated 2006.

Specialties: Himalayan Salt Stones, Cupping, Deep Tissue

"Massage is healing, it is relaxing and it is a basic need of our survival."

Blanka | Level 1 - 2

Education: Ashmead College, Portland, OR. 750-Hour program. Graduated 2003.

Specialties: Swedish, Relaxation, Himalayan Salt Stones, Myofascial Release, Lymphatic Massage

"I feel very content when I am able to see people relax and lower their pain level, and leave feeling more positive than when they entered the massage room."

Brent | Level 1 - 3

Education: Oregon School of Massage.

Specialties: Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, Trigger Point, Reiki, Relaxation

"I always integrate relaxation techniques with my deep tissue work to create a more flowing massage."

Crystal | Level 1 - 4

Education: Everest Institute. Graduated 2012.

Specialties: Swedish, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point, Neuromuscular Therapy

“I enjoy being able to help others with pain, discomfort, and overall improving their health and quality of life."

Frederic | Level 1 - 3

Education: East West College of Healing Arts. Graduated 2011.

Specialties: Swedish, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point, Prenatal

"The experience of being able to alleviate a person’s pain is such a rewarding thing to be able to do."

Gabe | Level 1 - 3

Education: Ashmead College, graduated in 2007.

Specialties: Deep Tissue, Sports Massage, Cupping

"I take pride in helping clients on their path to feeling better and enjoying a healthy way of living."

Jackie | Level 3

Education: Ashmead Massage School, graduated in 2003.

Specialties: Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports Massage

"I have a good flow with deep pressure, also known as ‘deep flow massage.’"

Jason | Level 1 - 3

Education: Oregon School of Massage

Specialties: Swedish (with Shiatsu & Craniosacral integrations), Myofascial Release, Foot Reflexology, Oncology Massage

"If I can assist someone in feeling less stressed, less pain, and give them a sense of being whole and grounded in mind, body, and spirit, then in turn they will extend that kindness to someone else in need."

Jeremy | Level 1 - 4

Education: Anthem College. Graduated 2014.

Specialties: Swedish, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point, Reiki II, Stretching, Structural Balance

"I have a methodical, calm approach while also trying to create a touch that communicates a reverence, honor and respect to the client."

Kacey | Level 1 - 3

Education: Carrington College Spokane

Specialties: Sports Massage, Prenatal, Structural Integration

"I value educating myself about my own body and how it works, which makes me excited to share that knowledge with my clients so they too can know what I am doing in my massage and why."

Katherine | Level 1 - 3

Education: Ashmead College. Graduated in 2008.

Specialties: Deep Tissue, Prenatal, Sports Massage, Craniosacral Therapy, Structural Integration

"I love what I do. It’s so fun to learn new things and to troubleshoot pain issues."

Katie | Level 1 - 3

Education: Port Townsend School of Massage. Graduated in 2005.

Specialties: Swedish, Deep Tissue, Relaxation, Injury Treatment, and Trigger Point Therapy

Keira W. | Level 1 - 2

Education: East West College of Healing Arts. Graduated in 2021.

Specialties: Relaxation, and Myofascial Release

Keira W. values making each massage comfortable and relaxing, even when providing deeper work.

Marisa | Level 1 - 3

Education: Everest School of Massage

Specialties: Myofascial Release, Deep Tissue, Injury Rehabilitation, Sports Massage, Headaches/Migraines

"‘No pain no gain’ is one of my least favorite sayings. A deep tissue massage should feel rejuvenating and restore blood flow to damaged unhappy tissues. It shouldn't make you feel sore and bruised for days on end. My goal is to help you relax while achieving results."

Rebecca | Level 1 - 4

Education: Wood Hygienic Institute. Graduated in 2014. Bodhi Sangha School of Thai Massage. Graduated in 2018.

Specialties: Prenatal, Reiki, Table Thai, Neuromuscular Therapy, Thai Reflexology

"I’ve always enjoyed helping people and making them smile. I bring a compassionate touch and a background in Yoga and Reiki to each of my sessions."

Selena | Level 1 - 3

Education: Anthem College. Graduated in 2011.

Specialties: Deep Tissue, Sports Massage, Prenatal

"Being able to relieve the aches and pains that people have is what makes me happy."

Sophia | Level 1

Education: East West College of the Healing Arts. Graduated in 2016.

Specialties: Swedish, Relaxation

"I do my best to hold space and energy to make sure my clients always feel safe, comfortable, and at ease while receiving treatment. I recognize each person has their own journey, and love being able to help them process and blossom in their own time."