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Massage to Manage Seasonal Allergies

Massage to Manage Seasonal Allergies

Elements Massage Chandler West

The annoying and debilitating symptoms that accompany seasonal allergies can interfere with your life. From watery and itchy eyes to sneezing fits and scratchy throats, major head and body aches to breathing difficulties, suffering from allergies is no joke. As the seasons change, many people experience different allergic reactions around the calendar year due to changing variables in their environments.

Several of the most common allergic reactions are in response to the following:

- Pollen

- Dust and dust mites

- Grass

- Cedar

- Pollution

- Oak

- Moulds

- Pet dander

This list is far from comprehensive and in the Valley of the Sun, oftentimes it can seem like you are quarantined to your house to get a handle on your symptoms.

Before you can beat allergies, first a bit on how allergies actually work. An allergic reaction is considered a medical condition where your body reacts with a hypersensitivity to an antigen. This exaggerated immunological reaction can be to a substance, a situation, or a physical state. Once a threat is perceived, your body reacts by producing a series of antibodies and histamines. These are the responsible parties for the annoying symptoms of allergies.

To combat the effects of a reaction, massage is an excellent tool to help your body relax and slow down the production of histamines. How massage works is that is induces a calmness that can lower the production of cortisol. the stress hormone and can decrease anxiety and stress levels to allow your body to slow down the reaction process. Massage also helps boost circulation and oxygenation of your blood to promote a quicker processing of the histamines your body has already produced.

The next time you find yourself suffering from seasonal allergies, book an appointment with one of our excellent team members to find relief so you can get back to living your life!

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