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Blog / Wellness

Being Thankful is Good for You

Janet Schwab Nov 13, 2019 Wellness

Being truly thankful for what you have will have an effect on your body, mind and spirit.  Here are a few quick tips to get you started.

Getting the Most Out of Your Therapeutic Massage

Janet Schwab Nov 5, 2019 Wellness

Get the Most from YOUR Therapeutic Massage

Battle Headaches with Massage

Chandler West May 8, 2018 Wellness

In the United States alone, more than 60% of the 45 million Americans who suffer from chronic headaches, suffer from migraines. The disorder typically results from high stress levels. Massage has two roles when it comes to treating migraines and tension related headaches.


Coloring Inside the Lines

Janet Schwab Aug 23, 2016 Wellness

I colored calmly, my colored pencil going back and forth and somewhat out of the lines. My granddaughter said to me, “Nana, you’re coloring outside the lines.” I replied, “It’s ok, I’m just coloring to relax.” She said, “Well going out of the lines would never be allowed in MY class!” She was in kindergarten.

Think Harmony

Element Massage - Chandler West Jul 20, 2016 Wellness

Work-life balance is a fallacy.  The very term is an oxymoron. Is “work” something you do apart from your “life?” Does your “life” not consist of your “work?” And think about the definition of the word balance – “a state of equilibrium or equal distribution of weight or amount.” Instead, we need to seek work-life harmony. Consider the definition of harmony – “a consistent, orderly, or pleasing arrangement of parts; congruity.” 


Massage Therapy as Part of a Wellness Lifestyle

Elements Massage Chandler West Jun 24, 2016 Wellness

Many people receive a massage for the first time after hearing others talk about how much massage has helped them; sometimes expecting that one massage will fix an issue that’s been lingering for months (or worse, years). You’ve heard the quote, “Insanity is doing something the same way over and over and expecting a different result.” Your body knows this intimately. Massage can help.

Anger = Stress Take Control

Janet Schwab Jan 25, 2016 Wellness

We often hear about the temperature of the planet rising due to climate change. But what about the country’s rising emotional temperature?

So Much More Than Just a Massage

Chandler West Jan 8, 2016 Wellness

The ancient Greeks actually believed that it was a daily massage rather than an apple a day that kept the doctor away. The health benefits of this healing treatment are a large part of why massage therapy is gaining such wide-spread acceptance as a routine consultation rather than a luxury experience. 

Do you have a Mind Body Connection ?

Elements Massage Chandler West Aug 27, 2015 Wellness

Your body has its own sophisticated intelligence that knows the deeper truths your mind alone is unaware of. When you're connected to your whole body — not just your mind — you have greater confidence and clarity when facing stress. You're also more likely to feel healthy and vibrant.  Check yourself on these 10 categories:

Massage Etiquette

Elements Massage Chandler West May 12, 2015 Wellness

When it comes to visiting a massage studio including our Elements Chandler West location, there are certain etiquette guidelines one should follow both in preparation before a session, while on the massage table, and post-massage. Here are a few helpful tips on how to maximize the benefits of your massage while abiding by the expected behavioral standards so you don’t have to worry about any missteps!

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