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Managing High Blood Pressure Beyond Medication

Managing High Blood Pressure Beyond Medication

Elements Massage Chandler West

About one in three of American adults suffer from high blood pressure. Blood pressure is the force that the blood exerts against artery walls as it circulates throughout your body, and high blood pressure is used to describe a condition where blood pressure remains high throughout the day rather than rising and falling with activity levels as it should. High blood pressure cost the United States more than 93 billion dollars in 2010 in health care services, medication, and missed days of work. Because it is a condition with such high prevalence and such high costs, prevention and management are important aspects to dealing with high blood pressure. So, here are two ways that an individual can reduce their risk of high blood pressure as well as lower high blood pressure if they already have it: probiotics and massage.

A recent study published in the July issue of Hypertension found that regular consumption of probiotics can help to manage high blood pressure. Probiotics like those found in yogurt and supplements were associated with a reduction in systolic blood pressure in those individuals with elevated blood pressure (above 130/85), and products with more than one form of bacteria were more effective than those products that only contained one. A key piece to this study was the duration of intake. The greatest reduction in blood pressure was found in those who had been eating probiotics for more than two months. This indicates that making probiotic rich foods a regular part of your diet is an effective way to lower high blood pressure and keep yourself healthy.

Most actions that help reduce the risk of high blood pressure are linked to changes in diet and exercise. Adding yogurt or probiotic-rich cheese is an easy alteration to your diet that can have a significant impact on your health, according to this new article in Hypertension. Other ways to reduce the risk of blood pressure are through leading an active life and attending regular massage therapy. Go for a walk everyday to keep your arteries healthy if you want to prevent high blood pressure. But there are other ways too! Massage therapy helps reduce blood pressure by reducing the symptoms associated diastolic pressure and hypertension. The relaxing effect of massage can reduce tension that puts a strain on muscles and arteries, as well as improving blood flow with the massage technique itself. Making a few small adjustments to your diet and physical routine can reduce the risk of high blood pressure! Give us a call at Elements Massage Chandler West at Casa Paloma 480-219-9931.

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