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Elements Massage™ – Arizona Studios Offer Best Experience in Industry According to Customer Rating System

May 2, 2014

Elements had an overall net promoter score in 2013 comparable to brands like Apple, Amazon and Marriott. “We’re extremely proud that our studios across the country consistently deliver a superior client experience,” said Jeff Jervik, CEO and President of Elements Massage.  “Our studios in Arizona are no exception, and in fact are some of the best in the system.”

The Net Promoter Score system (NPS) is a guest satisfaction measurement system that provides an annual compilation of information from industry data that is driven by ratings across multiple categories. 

 The national NPS is also reflected in the stature of the Arizona studios within the Elements Massage franchise system.  According to the Elements corporate office, seven of the Arizona studios had net promoter scores higher than the system average in 2013 and five Arizona studios were in the top 20 for NPS of all Elements studios nationwide. 

 With a firm belief that the healing power of massage can be harnessed through active listening and responsiveness between therapists and clients, Elements Massage™ studios’ personalized approach is a vital component to the overall health and well-being of its clients.

“Our clients recommend us more than anyone else,” stated Nelson Crespo, Arizona Regional Director of Elements Massage studios.  “The Elements Massage approval rating reflects what we deliver - a customized massage to fit our client’s needs.”

For more information on how the Net Promoter Score system works, please visit:

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Carrie Zantello on Apr 30, 2015
I'm actually quite familiar with NPS and was just wondering what your actual score is...I don't believe saying that you have an 'overall net promoter score' means much when that can actually be low number.