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March on and invest in yourself

March on and invest in yourself

Anita S.

A healthy and clear mindset is achieved by investing in our most important asset - ourself. The ability to think on our own is an attribute which we should strive to achieve. Keeping a balanced and active body helps us to think more clearly and openly.

Methods to maintain ourselves can be free, and without any cost. Getting enough sleep, moving our bodies physically with exercise - whether it be walking outdoors, or lifting weights indoors - as long as we are moving, this keeps us from becoming lethargic. Practicing meditation- even if it's for 10 minutes a day, calms us. Drinking enough fluids throughout the day and making sure we stay hydrated helps blood flow and nourishes our cells. Taking frequent breaks from our digital devices has been known to boost mental and emotional health, and can fend off physical effects such as dry eyes, and back pain from being hunched over.

We are the ones who suffer when we don't listen to our bodies. Even performing simple things to take care of ourselves can make a large impact on our well being.

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