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Love Yourself first

Love Yourself first

Anita S.

February, the month of celebrating love for others in our lives! But, what about love for yourself? Our self love grows through life experiences which expand our knowledge and allow us to mature. Self-love could be defined as a state of appreciation for yourself resulting from actions which support your physical, mental, and spiritual growth. Loving yourself is so critical to your welfare; not only does it impact your behavior and choices each day, but, also, how you cope with the problems which present throughout your life.

Some steps to growing your self love: Becoming more present, alert, and mindful; acting on what your needs are, rather than your wants; establishing personal boundaries; honoring yourself by bringing the right people into your life, and eliminating those people who seem to gain pleasure at your downfalls; forgiving yourself, always; and, living your life with intention and purpose.

Start this month by honoring yourself first. Love yourself.

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