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The Power bestowed upon Mother

The Power bestowed upon Mother

Anita S.

Have you ever considered the gift that has been given to mothers? It is a gift which is bestowed by a higher power, a gift which is only given to mothers.

Mothers have the ability to love their children unconditionally, to accept them as they are, and to provide them a safe harbor when faced with massive hurdles. Mothers will face evil in the eye to protect their children, to let no harm come to their precious offspring. This is an inborn instinct. The universe has provided mothers a supernatural strength and courage which cannot be revoked. They will protect their children until their last breath.

Bravo to all mothers! All mothers have faced their own obstacles and battles while raising their children into responsible humans. Children do not always see the challenges their mothers have faced until they become parents themselves.

Mothers should be honored everyday. But many don't get the opportunity to do this. So this month, in honor of Mother's day, honor the mother in your life. The one who provides you that safe harbor and unconditional love that nobody else can.

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