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Mon - Sun 9am - 9pm
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Valentine's Day on a Dime: 12 Fun, Relaxing Gifts to Keep the Spark in Your Relationship Year Round

Valentine's Day on a Dime: 12 Fun, Relaxing Gifts to Keep the Spark in Your Relationship Year Round

While red roses, chocolate hearts and sweet kisses typically symbolize the love expressed during this time of year, the true meaning of Valentine’s Day is taking time out of your busy schedules to focus on the relationship with your significant other. Showing your valentine that you care about his/her happiness and well-being doesn’t have to happen only once a year, though. An inexpensive way to revitalize your connection and reinvigorate your relationship is to show your valentine that you love him/her year round with monthly love notes.

Monthly love notes are easy make-at-home gifts that can be as simple as 12 sticky notes with couple activities listed on each one. On Feb. 14, you can spread the sticky notes around the house and have your significant other collect them before ending the love hunt at a candlelit dinner set for two. Or, monthly love notes can be as elaborate as a bound sentimental book with pictures of you and your valentine on each page, followed by your favorite love quotes and a date activity. The options are limited only to your creativity!

Having trouble coming up with 12 love note ideas to keep the flame of your relationship burning strong throughout the year? Try the following fun, relaxing and inexpensive ideas to spark your creativity.

1. Kick Your Feet Up: Treat your valentine to a relaxing evening by propping up his/her knees and feet on a comfortable pillow and rolling a tennis ball or golf ball forward and back on the arch of the foot, followed by side to side. Complete the foot massage by placing the ball on the heel and make circular motions. Make sure to remind your valentine to relax, enjoy and breathe.

2. Chocolate and Bubbly: Dip some strawberries in chocolate (or purchase them pre-dipped) and pair with your significant other’s favorite bubbly beverage. Enjoy this sweet dessert during a quiet winter evening in front of the fireplace or on the deck during a warm summer sunset.

3. Extra Z’s: With daily commitments piled high, sleep can sometimes seem like a long lost friend. Give your valentine the gift of snooze with a sleep in late love note. You wake up with the kids, feed them breakfast, keep them entertained and fulfill family obligations until your valentine is ready to get up. Just make sure to have a cup of coffee ready for them when they rise to make this gift the perfect start to your valentine’s day.

4. Quality Snuggle Time: Enjoy an uninterrupted evening of quality time with your valentine by turning off all electronics and locking them in the office. Rather than checking in with your social media friends or texting your pals, check in with you valentine with some one-on-one conversation, snuggling and relaxation time.

5. Light a Candle: Spice up your evening at home with a candlelit home-made dinner set for two. Pull out the linen napkins and the holiday china to serve your valentine’s favorite meal.

6. Sit Back and Enjoy a Hand Massage: Have your valentine pick a favorite chair and begin massaging at the base of the thumb by applying circular pressure using the eraser end of a pencil. Hit all the pressure points near the thumb, and then gently move to the web area between the thumb and first finger. Repeat the circular movements, moving to the padding between each finger at the palm. Massage both the palm and side of each hand, reminding your valentine to relax and breathe.

7. Sunset Picnic Time: Pack your favorite picnic foods, grab your bikes on a weekend evening and pedal off into the sunset. Stop halfway to enjoy your picnic goodies, the sun slipping below the horizon and the company of your valentine before heading home.

8. Breakfast in Bed: Who doesn’t enjoy their morning coffee and eggs in the comfort of their bedroom? Surprise your valentine with all of his/her favorite breakfast treats served in bed.

9. Sports Mania: Put on your valentine’s favorite sports team attire and set up a reservation at your local sports bar for the two of you to sit at the best seat in the house during the big game – the table with all TVs visible from every angle.

10. Get Your Groove On: Many communities host free concerts of local and popular bands throughout the summer months. Load up your lawn chairs, a blanket and snacks for some snuggling under the stars while listening to great local music.

11. Hit the Trails: Hiking/walking is a great activity to breathe in fresh air, exercise your legs and share some one-on-one time with your valentine with limited interruptions.

12. Knock Out the Knots: Most couples have achy necks, shoulders and bodies resulting from too many hours leaning over computer desks, doing household chores and horsing around with the kids. Reduce you and your valentine’s stress and muscle tension by scheduling a couple’s massage therapy session.

Take the time this year to reconnect with your significant other by celebrating Valentine’s Day year round. Whether it’s the relaxing touch of massage or preparing a special home-made meal surrounded by love and candlelight, personalized monthly love notes are the perfect gifts to show your valentine that he/she is special. Spark your creativity and spark your relationship during this year’s Valentine’s Day holiday.

Call Elements Therapeutic Massage today to restore your body and revive your relationship while relaxing with your valentine. Elements’ highly trained massage therapists offer a variety of massage treatments, including couple’s massage sessions for you and your valentine.

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