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Healthy Thanksgiving Recipes

Nov 20, 2017 Health

Indulging in delicious foods throughout the Holiday season is a right of passage. However, sometimes we indulge a little too much and the food coma commences. This year, we hope to break that food coma pattern by replacing the heavier dishes, with some healthier and lighter ones that still carry all the amazing holiday tastes. 

Seasonal Special: Peppermint Oil Aromatherapy

Nov 14, 2017 Health

In honor of the holiday season, Elements Massage is bringing in a seasonal aroma therapy scent. While supplies last, come experience our amazing new peppermint aromatherapy starting on November 14th. 


Peppermint oil has been proven to relieve pain, muscle tightness, reduce stress, and much more. Additionally, it smells amazing and it smells like the most wonderful time of the year. The sweet, cooling, and refreshing scent will sooth you like never before while also providing several amazing benefits. 

World Kindness Day

Nov 13, 2017 Health

World Kindness Day annually falls on November 13th and is celebrate and observed throughout many countries around the world. It was first enacted in 1998 during the World Kindness Movement. Each year, more and more countries have started observing World Kindness Day. Since 1998, countries such as Canada, Australia, Japan, Nigeria, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Italy, and the United Kingdom have jumped on board.

National Stress Awareness Day

Nov 6, 2017 Health

November 1 marks National Stress Awareness Day. While most people suffer from some form of stress, many decide to internalize it rather than dealing with it directly. Stress is your body’s way of responding to any kind of demand. When your body experiences this, your nervous system releases your stress hormones, including adrenaline and cortisol, which puts your body in an emergency action state. 

Healthy Halloween Treats

Oct 30, 2017 Health

Halloween marks the start of the fall holiday season. As we move from Halloween candy to Thanksgiving pie to Christmas cookies; it is hard to find a break between all the good, but sometimes not-so-healthy, food. To make this upcoming holiday a bit easier on your self control, your wellness, and your diet, we are providing some of our favorite healthier Halloween recipes. There are plenty of ways to still get all the delicious and holiday-spirited food while not losing sight of your wellness plan! 

National Massage Therapy Awareness Week

Oct 23, 2017 Health

What better way to celebrate National Massage Therapy Awareness Week than with a massage? The American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) created Massage Therapy Awareness week in 1997 as a way to promote the practice of massage therapy as a profession as well as the plethora of benefits massages can offer. 

National Stop Bullying Day

Oct 16, 2017 Health

We’re moving into our second month of the 2017-2018 school year. Our kids are in new classes with new students, teachers, lessons, surroundings, and more. Many times we aren’t completely aware of what is going on behind the walls of that school. Maybe our children aren’t telling us something or maybe everything is completely normal and okay. However, many times there can be the school-yard bullying that occurs. No matter what age and what school, bullying and « picking on » kids happens everywhere; however, it shouldn’t. 

Become More Informed: Mental Illness Awareness Week

Oct 9, 2017 Health

Mental Illness Awareness Week, otherwise known as Mental Health Awareness Week, was first established in 1990 to help educate people and increase awareness about mental illness. The week brings together mental health advocates and mental health organizations to help advocate and educate the community. Sponsored events and activities are help to assist in community outreach. The events can include anything from art and music events, educational seminars and  sessions, benefit runs, movie nights, health fairs, and more.

National Child Health Day

Oct 2, 2017 Health

The first Monday in October is a day to observe and honor National Child Health Day. Anyone who has children knows that we want them to be the healthiest they can be and live their fullest lives. National Child Health Day is a time where people can reflect and remind each other of the best ways to make our children grow strong and healthy. Whether it is the food they eat, the activities they do, or the environment they are in, this is a perfect day to support our children and the different opportunities they have to grow. 


Family Health and Fitness Day

Sep 25, 2017 Health

As the busy summer season has come to and end and the kids are back in school and colder weather approaches, it becomes harder to keep up your physical activity. Thankfully Family Health and Fitness Day, which falls on the last Saturday of September, is a great way to stay active and find new ways to do so as well. It also encourages families to embrace physical activity and fitness together and have fun with it, rather than needing to go to the gym. 

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