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De-Stress for Less this March with 50% off all Upgrades!

Mar 19, 2018 Health

Elements Massage offers several different massage services, making sure there is a perfect massage therapy for everyone. Between aromatherapy, integrative reflexology, hot stone, cold stone, and himalayan salt stones, you can find the best type of therapy for your body and your specific concerns. If you’ve ever been interested in trying one of these upgrades, March is going to be the perfect time to do so. For the entire month, all massage upgrades are 50% off! This gives you the perfect incentive to finally try that new type of massage you’ve been dying to experience. However, if you haven’t thought about changing up your massage services, we are going to lay out each upgrade and their benefits so you can see which is best for you. 

Healthier Saint Paddy's Day Treats

Mar 12, 2018 Health

We’ve officially pushed past Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, New Years, and Valentine’s Day. For the most part, our overindulgent holidays are finally behind us. Now you could truly stick to your healthy resolutions; however, there is one more holiday still approaching: Saint Patrick’s Day. While this isn’t commonly known as a holiday that revolves around eating, it does often revolve around drinking. It is also a good excuse for attending parties or going out, where not-so-healthy choices can be made. But, we’re here to offer you everything from healthy green-themed snacks to low-calorie cocktails! This way you can celebrate without « over-celebrating. » 

National Employee Appreciation Day

Mar 5, 2018 Health

Employee Appreciation Day is observed every year in the beginning of March in the United States and Canada. While it is an unofficial holiday, it is definitely a one that needs to be recognized annually. It is a day for companies to thank their employees for their consistent hard work. The day was originally created for the purpose of strengthening the bond between the employer and the employees. Being founded in 1995, Employee Appreciation Day is still in its early stages in the United States, which is why we believe it is important to acknowledge, and help it gain more momentum. 

Benefits of Prenatal Massage

Feb 26, 2018 Health

Prenatal Massage Therapy is one of the many special services that Elements Massage provides. There are many benefits, aside from relaxation, that expecting mothers may now know about. Obvious symptoms of pregnancy can be very uncomfortable and taxing on the body. That’s where prenatal massage comes in quite beneficial, and sometimes even crucial throughout a woman’s pregnancy. 

Donor Day

Feb 19, 2018 Health

While we always say you should give the gift of relaxation and rejuvenation, today we are going to talk about a gift that is quite important: the gift of life. Every year, National Donor Day is observed during the second week of February. This is also known as National Organ Donor Day and was formed to increase the awareness about organ donation and how crucial it can be to saving lives. 

Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Feb 12, 2018 Health

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, and similar to Christmas, finding Valentine’s Day gifts is not much easier. While the jewelry, flowers, or chocolate are always good go-to gifts, there are so many other options that will show your partner the love and appreciation they truly deserve.

National Wear Red Day

Feb 5, 2018 Health

Red is a strong color. Whether you’re trying to make a fashion statement, stand out, or catch someone’s attention, red is probably your best bet. Stylists and professionals have even said that wearing the color red can be a confidence booster, and « Go Red For Women » says these are some reasons they chose red for this monumental day. But also, it is the color of our hearts. 

Heat Up Your Massage! Hot Stone & Heated Himalayan Salt Stone Therapies

Jan 29, 2018 Health

Heated stone therapy is nothing new in the massage world. Hot stones and heated Himalayan salt stones have been a popular practice for many years. As you may know, Elements Massage  added Himalayan salt stones into their choice of therapy upgrades. The benefits to these two massage therapies are endless, not to mention how relaxing the session is. However, we know you will want to know more about how hot stone therapies can have such a advantageous impact on your heath, rather than just their relaxing benefits.

Winter Sports and Massage Benefits

Jan 22, 2018 Health

Whether you live in a cold weather state or find yourself traveling to one, consider a massage regimen before and after you get back. Winter sports, such as skiing, cross country skiing, snowboarding, and more, can greatly benefit from massage therapy. Similar to overall sports massages, massage therapy can improve performance, relax muscles, relieve soreness, and more. Keep reading to figure out just how much massage therapy helps with those winter adventures!

Getting Back on Track After the Holidays

Jan 15, 2018 Health

The last couple of months have been filled with over-indulgent holidays. Between Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukah, and New Years, there is no break on the alcohol, sweets, and appetizers. Obviously the holiday season is no time to hold back and every bite was probably worth it, but you may be feeling a bit sluggish and extra full at the moment. So, now that the holidays have passed and almost all the leftovers are probably out of the fridge, we can start from square 1! 

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