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National Relaxation Day

Aug 7, 2017 Health

August 15th is National Relaxation Day. This is a day, or “holiday” rather, that everyone should participate in. Even if you don’t have the time for a massage on that particular day, take the time to schedule one. Not only will your session help you take a breath and relax, but your body will continue to thank you for hours, days, and weeks after that short time you laid on our table. Massages have been proven to encourage relaxation and improve performance. Even if you’re not getting a massage to help ease your muscles for athletic purposes, you can find that your daily activities will become easier and breezier.


Parents' Day

Jul 17, 2017 Health

Did you miss Mother’s Day or Father’s Day this year? Did you not have time to pick out the perfect present to show your parents? Did you get a present for your mom and dad, but really want to show how much you love them? This year Parents’ Day falls on Sunday July 23rd and there is no better present than a day of relaxation.

Meet Tatia!

Jul 3, 2017 Health

Meet Tatia, one of our newer massage therapists at Elements Massage Whitefish Bay. She was inspired to become a massage therapist by my aunt when she was only 11 years old! In the 10 years that she's worked as a massage therapist, she has found that enjoys performing Sports, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point, Swedish, and Prenatal massages the most. She believes that...

Healthy Swaps for the 4th of July

Jul 1, 2017 Health

When one thinks of Fourth of July in Wisconsin, endless amounts of beer, brats, and burgers often comes to mind (and with a side of potatoes and desserts). For a bit of inspiration, we are providing some helpful rules and recipes to follow on Independence Day and throughout the whole summer.

Sports Massage and Reaching Top Athletic Ability

Jun 26, 2017 Health

At Elements Massage we offer 6 amazingly qualified sports massage therapists. Nicole, PJ, Sharissa, Bob, Mario, and Charles can help you be the best athlete yet through their practices. Especially now that the weather is improving and running outside is a popular summer activity, make sure you can go the extra mile.

Professional Wellness Month: Meet Our Featured Therapist, Mario

Jun 19, 2017 Health

Meet Mario. Mario has been with Elements Massage Whitefish Bay since graduating from The Institute of Beauty & Wellness in 2010.

Happy Father's Day! Celebrate with the SUMMER 3-PACK SALE!

Jun 12, 2017 Health

With Father’s Day fast approaching and the daunting task of finding the perfect gift continues to loom, Elements Massage is here to help and offer their serves at great discounts and rates.

National Headache Awareness Week + New Massage Coming to Elements WFB!

Jun 5, 2017 Health

During this upcoming Headache Awareness Week give the nerves in your head a gift and help reduce and prevent the headaches that may get in the way of a stress-free summer.

National Running and Fitness Week: A Special Promotion + Tips to Improve Your Run!

May 22, 2017 Health

Happy National Running and Fitness Week! We are so excited to offer a collaborative promotion with Performance Running Outfitters in their store this week to celebrate, as well as share a few tips on how to improve your run.

Prenatal Massage

Apr 24, 2017 Health

Massage therapy during pregnancy is an amazing way to reduce stress and take time for yourself. Prenatal massages can reduce negative symptoms of prenancy as well as benefit the body and encourage a healthy pregnancy, delivery, and labor experience.

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