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A New Definition of SMART Goals

Holly Tamm, Owner Fitness Together - Whitefish Bay & Mequon Jan 9, 2017 Health

Holly Tamm, owner of Fitness Together - Whitefish Bay & Mequon and personal trainer for over 12 years offers her take on SMART goals and making a commitment to your health and wellness this year.





T-Tell People

Integrative Reflexology

Aimee Matchette Aug 18, 2016 Health

Integrative Reflexology® combines the use of reflex maps from traditional reflexology, connections on your feet, hands and outer ears that are believed to link to internal organs and body functions, with massage techniques for a deeply relaxing and refreshing experience.  Starting with the feet, your specially trained therapist will identify alignment...

Customized Massage Therapy for Golfers

Anastasia White Jul 5, 2016 Health

How customized massage therapy can improve your golf performance

Massage Benefits for Runners: How to Incorporate Massage into Your Training

Anastasia White Jun 6, 2016 Health

How massage can benefit runners by improving performance and preventing injury.

Sciatica and the Benefits of Massage Therapy.

Thom Gonring, ADMT, LMT, NCBTMB Provider, Director of Education. Feb 17, 2016 Health

Sciatica is any of a number of conditions which causes irritation and sensitivity in and around the sciatic nerve.  This nerve bundle originates in the lower lumbar intervertebral foramen (fancy term means holes between your vertebrae); and it is here that the problems can start. If intervertebral discs are involved, the pressure comes from an unusual direction. ...

Bust through the Resolution Rut by Focusing on Overall Health, Well-Being for the New Year

Elements Massage Jan 5, 2015 Health

Now is the time to focus on your resolutions by taking some time in the mornings to think positively, plan your day, revivie muscles and include regular massage into your routine.

Prepare Your Body for Winter Activities with a Combination of Stretching and Massage Therapy

ETM Nov 1, 2014 Health

Staying fit during the winter holiday season comes with a long list of unique challenges and obstacles, but staying injury free can take even more of an effort when you introduce new, winter-specific activities like skiing, skating and sledding into your fitness routine. Before the winter activity season is in full swing, take steps today to warm up and loosen your muscles so you can hit the slopes or the rink pain free, as well as minimize after-activity soreness and fatigue.


Warm Up and Engage New Muscle Groups during the Pre-Season to Stay Injury Free

Before carving fresh tracks down the slopes this winter or lacing up your skates to hit the rink with your kids, it is important to incorporate a combination of regular stretching and therapeutic massage sessions for an active and injury free winter season. The key to keeping active during the winter months and staying off your family’s injured list is to focus on body flexibility and lengthening your muscles in the pre-season. Many of the popular wintertime activities (skiing, snowboarding and skating) physically impact your lower body, thereby creating a need for you to focus your stretching and strength efforts on hip, hamstring and trunk/lower back flexibility. 

Oh, My Aching Back!

ETM Oct 1, 2014 Health

More than 100 million Americans suffer from lower-back pain, and nearly 25 billion dollars is spent in search of relief annually.  A 2003 study shows that massage therapy produces better results and reduces the need for painkillers by 36 percent when compared to other therapies, including acupuncture and spinal manipulations*.

Therapeutic massage can indeed be an effective way to ease the pain of a wide variety of spinal conditions including: muscle tension, spasms, inflammation, aches, stiffness and pain.  A skilled massage therapist will knead, rub and manipulate the affected muscles to increase blood flow (circulation) throughout the body.  This will deliver oxygen and nutrients to the muscles and helps eliminate any acids or other waste products that accumulates in the affected area. The outcome is pain relief.

Swing Back into the School Groove with Routine Massage Therapy

ETM Sep 1, 2014 Health

Relaxing summer schedules quickly turn to busy fall days filled with numerous activities. Before your family calendar fills itself to the brim with school functions this fall, homecoming events and holiday parties, make sure to pencil in some restoration and relaxation time for yourself by scheduling monthly massage appointments for the next 3-6 months. Taking time out of your busy schedule to focus on you is not only good for your health and well-being, but your improved mood and increased energy levels can rub off on those around you as well. It’s a win-win for both you and your family!

Sit Back, Relax and Enjoy Your Summer Vacation

ETM Aug 1, 2014 Health

Summer vacations are where family memories are made – visiting beach houses, fishing with grandpa, making homemade ice cream with grandma, water slides with cousins, outdoor cookouts and catching up with old friends and family around a camp fire. Somewhere along the way, though, stress can creep into your trip, especially if you are your family’s vacation coordinator. Trip preparation, traveling and everything in between can leave you feeling exhausted, cranky and maybe even a little irritable.

Combat the natural stressors that can arise on a vacation by scheduling a therapeutic massage before you take off this summer for your family adventure and shortly after the plane lands on your return trip home. You, your body and your family will thank you. You will return from vacation revived, restored and vibrant – the key ingredients to happy summer memories!

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