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Women's Health and Fitness Day 2018

Sep 16, 2018 Health

National Women’s Health and Fitness Day is observed annually on the last Wednesday of September. As we’ve encouraged you to get outside and be active all summer, we’re attempting to continue that push into fall and winter. The colder weather and busier school schedules definitely may tighten your scheduled and put a damper on you motivation, but that doesn’t mean the health routines need to stop. 

Coping With Change & New Routines

Sep 10, 2018 Health

We’ve already talked about how to prepare for the beginning of the school year, but what do we do when it actually starts? The school year brings new schedules, new activities, and new challenges. How do we tackle these new routines that will form throughout the year? Not many people like change, including the team at Elements Massage. Unfortunately, change is inevitable. Especially if you have kids changing grades, or you’re going back to school yourself. Every year has its new experiences and obstacles and no year is every the same. But, with the right preparation and mindset, you can make every year just as good as the last.

50% OFF 30-Minute Upgrades!

Sep 3, 2018 Health

Not sure about everyone else, but the end of summer and beginning of the school year has us more stressed than usual! Because we think everyone else is in the same boat as us, we’re offering a special promotion. During the month September, we are giving 50% off our extra time upgrades! Now your relaxation session can be extended to ensure that stress is gone. 

The Art of Juggling Motherhood

Aug 27, 2018 Health

Being a mom is one of the most precious, rewarding and challenging jobs on the market. When you sign up to become a mom, everyone tells you the best baby equipment to buy, the best pediatrician to contact and the best preschools to start wait-listing your child on before they’re even born. What most forget to share, though, is the need for a mother to become a master juggler in order to survive the adventure of motherhood.

Going Back to School

Aug 20, 2018 Health

Going back to school can definitely be bittersweet. It may be sad seeing the summer weather fleeting away and the time next to the pool dwindling; but not all of it has to be sad. Whether you’re a parent waiting for some time alone, a highs school student dragging their feet, or a college student anxiously awaiting to leave, there are plenty of ways to make going back to school easy and enjoyable. 

National Relaxation Day 2018

Aug 13, 2018 Health

In 1985, National Relaxation Day was enacted because a nine year-old boy proposed the idea. Sean Moeller, the kid with a plan, was definitely onto something. Life can get crazy, hectic, and stressful. Between work, school, family, activities, and everyday life, stress is inevitable. That is what National Relaxation Day is now observed annually on August 15th. It helps remind people to take a step back and relax. 

40% OFF Your Next Stress Relieving Session!

Aug 6, 2018 Health

Here at Elements Massage we are committed to providing the best massage services that we can. That also includes making sure that everyone gets the type of massage therapy they need. Everyone comes in with different ailments, pains, aches, concerns, etc. and how to address those concerns are always different depending on the person. One of the reasons we offer promotions every single month is so people get to try out different therapies or upgrades and see what best helps and relieves their issues. 

National Avocado Day & Healthy Recipes

Jul 23, 2018 Health

Avocado on everything, right?

One of the best tasting (and healthy) fruits has a special day coming up…National Avocado Day! July 31st marks the celebratory day for avocados and we are very excited. Not that we need an excuse to make everything with avocado, but it gives us the chance to share some of our favorite easy and healthy recipes involving this nutritious food! 

Celebrating Parents!

Jul 16, 2018 Health

Have you ever heard « every day is kids day »? Well, that is very true, especially during summer. Parents are driving their kids from one activity to the next, to the pool, to a friend’s house, a sports practice, etc. Luckily, there is a way to show your parents how much you appreciated what they’ve done for you. The fourth Sunday in July marks National Parents’ Day!

Healthy BBQ Swaps

Jul 2, 2018 Health

The warm weather, the parties, the holidays, and more, summer brings out a lot of food, specifically barbecue. Whether it is a weekend get together, the Fourth of July, or Labor Day, large of helpings of (not-necessarily healthy) food are inevitable. As the grill is being fired up, marinades are soaking, sauces are being stirred, and potatoes are being plopped with mayonnaise, we’ve got some healthy swaps for BBQ season that will help you stay on your wellness and health track all summer, while still living your best life! 

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