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Words of Wellness

How much is your health worth to you?

How much is your health worth to you?

How much is your health worth to you? Are you eating regularly, staying active, taking care of your family, maintaining a social life, and taking time out of your day to focus on you? If you answered, “no” to any of these questions, you may not be taking care of yourself as much as you should. To change all of those answers to, “yes,” take some time to read about why and how your health can be at the top of your Everyday To-Do List.

Before talking about the importance of staying healthy, it’s good to know what health truly means. According to the World Health Association (WHO), it’s “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” Your health goes way beyond your physical shape and welfare. It’s all about exercising your mind, engaging in activities that make you feel happy, and being physically active.

Energy Helps to Stay Focused and Complete Daily Tasks

Your body already helps jump start healthy habits; your hearts beat about 115,200 times per day and your internal organisms have mechanisms to clean and rid themselves of toxins every day! To keep this daily cycle flowing smoothly, it’s important to keep your energy up. You can do this by exercising regularly and eating healthy because when you do, your body will start to rebuild itself. The cells in our body regenerate in varying cycles and it doesn’t happen overnight. For this reason, short-term diets may not be the best option. Health truly is a lifestyle and by sticking to good eating and exercise daily, your body will slowly begin to regenerate itself, and in return, give you more energy to complete your everyday tasks.

When you are Physically Unwell, so is your Mind

Ever pay attention to how exhausted you feel when you spend all day in bed, scrolling through your phone? On the opposite side of that, have you ever noticed how great you feel after a killer workout? When you keep your body healthy, you’ll see a direct improvement with your decision-making skills and even your relationships with those around you.

A Healthy Mind Reduces Stress and Anxiety

Life can be a lot sometimes, especially when you’re juggling things at work, maintaining your family’s busy schedule, and taking care of yourself. By eating healthy foods that maintain lots of vitamins and minerals, depression levels decrease, your memory level improves, and you can better handle stress. Try eating foods or taking supplements with high levels of omega-3 fatty acids, calcium, iron, Vitamin D, and vitamin B.

Physical Health isn’t Just about Exercise

It’s especially important to be kind to your body. That’s where massage therapy comes in. Not only can it help relieve pain in specific areas of the body, but it can also alleviate stress. Regular massages can also help minimize muscle tension and headaches, reduce depression, and boost immunity. The only work you have to put in is calling us today and scheduling an appointment. (414) 332-3260

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