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Using Massage in Athletic Training

Using Massage in Athletic Training

Mackenzie Barrow

March is Athletic Training Month. In honor of this we’d like to share how massage can aid in athletic training both physically and psychologically. Athletes have many ways of preparing for a sporting event, and massage should be one of them. Massage may help:

Improved Flexibility- When you get massage your muscles and the soft tissue that surrounds it get stretched in different directions, improving flexibility.

Recovery- Massage helps break down scar tissue and helps heal any new injuries.

Circulation- Massage promotes blood flow to the entire body.

Pain relief- Tension in the muscle can be painful. Massage can release the body’s natural endorphins to reduce or eliminate pain.

Stops Spasms- Massage techniques can stop a muscle spasm and help prevent them from returning.

Whether you are a seasoned competitor or just getting your start massage can help you prepare for an event and recover afterwards. Look for a therapist who provides sports massage and don’t forget to stretch and hydrate on your own.


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