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Trigger Points are relaxing - KNOT!

Trigger Points are relaxing - KNOT!

Elements Massage -Chandler West

People are constantly saying things like, “I have a huge knot in my back” or “I’m all knotted up!” What does this actually mean? Can a muscle really get tied in a knot? Well, no, not really…

Muscle fibers run in all different directions in our body and muscles are layered on top of each other. Our muscles are meant to be pliable, strong, and challenged. However, when we sit at a computer all day in the same position and if we injure ourselves. The various muscle fibers start to stick to each other and become adhered. This new hard and lumpy feeling is a muscle ‘knot’.

Chronic stress on our muscles creates micro-tearing of muscle tissue, which creates scar tissue. Eventually, the muscle tissue will continue to lose elasticity and cause postural stress that is hard to reverse. There are a lot of things you can do to treat and prevent muscle knots.


Hydration – Drink plenty of water.

Take breaks – Our bodies cannot handle sitting all day.

Exercise – If we aren’t moving, stretching, and lifting then our muscles aren’t either.

Massage – Massage Therapy can help keep your muscles healthy, pliable, and oxygenated.

Lifestyle –slow down, get more sleep, and breathe.


Rest – If you’re in pain, it is your body’s way of saying it needs a break.

Massage – Massage is not only great for prevention, but at Elements, a licensed massage therapist can help relieve that muscle pain, break up the adhesions, and recommend self-care that you can do on your own.

So, drink more water. Move around. Go to bed a little earlier. Call Elements & book your massage appointment today.

Your body will thank you!

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