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Travel with Less Stress

Travel with Less Stress

Problem: Mental Stress

Planning time with your family or friends might sound good idea, but when getting together, stress arises creating a tense environment that doesn’t support a relaxing, enjoyable experience.

Solution: De-Stress Before

Massage is like preventative care for your body and mind before vacation. You'll experience the benefits of reduced stress, lower blood pressure and heart rate, as well as improve mood and relaxation making you.

Problem: Physical Stress

Sitting for long periods of time or sleeping in different beds and using various pillows your travels, the body can be left in knots after you return from vacation.

Solution: Preventative Measures

Reduce your body’s physical stress by bringing your own pillows, staying hydrated and keeping your diet as balanced as possible. Also combat physical stress by schedule a post-vacation massage before you leave. Deep tissue massage relieves tension from tight muscles by releasing toxins and loosening pressure points.

Problem: Post-Vacation Exhaustion

Vacation is about catching up with others, visiting attractions or taking part in activities that may take more energy than you are used to exerting. So staying up later than normal, running around non-stop equals a sleep-deprived family returning from vacation.

Solution: Balance

Relaxing your mind and body helps you catch up on lost sleep, as well as increase your energy level.

Therapeutic massage is beneficial in decreasing anxiety, enhancing sleep quality and reducing fatigue.

At Elements Massage, our highly skilled massage therapists will tailor your sessions to prepare and revive you for an unforgettable vacation experience.

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