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Words of Wellness

The Recipe for a Stress-Free Holiday Season 

The Recipe for a Stress-Free Holiday Season 

Janet Schwab

If a holiday season full of stress, hectic schedules and exhaustion sounds familiar for you and your family, it is time to re-write your family’s holiday recipe! This year include health, wellness and relaxation to fuel an enjoyable, family-centered holiday season.

The recipe to a stress-free holiday includes the following key ingredients:

Begin with an Organized Schedule

Schedules quickly get out of hand when you try to be everywhere and do everything. Prioritize and organize your family’s schedule ahead of the holidays, reducing the risk of over-committing.

Stir in Holiday Tradition

Pick one meaningful holiday project to create lasting family traditions. Remember, the actual project isn’t as important as the time spent together making the memories.

Mix in Perspective

Whatever your family celebrates this holiday season, keep the purpose of the season at the forefront of your holiday activities.

Substitute Consumer Chaos with a Slimmed Down Holiday Gift List

Reduce the “stuff’ on your holiday gift list and increase the “meaning” of one or two heart-felt, gifts.

Limit Sweets and Treats of the Season

Too much of a good thing can stress your body’s internal systems. Skipping sweets altogether is unrealistic, so make it a priority to pace yourself, eating treats that are only available during the holiday season.

Top Off the Season with a Therapeutic Massage

Those who survive the hectic holiday season with the least amount of physical and mental stress are the ones who understand the importance of taking time out for you during and after the activity-packed holiday season. Relaxation and rejuvenation will help you close out the holiday season stress-free and leave you ready for new adventures as you embark on the New Year.

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