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Technology Hurts

Technology Hurts

Janet Schwab

The digital age has detonated a cache of painful conditions, from tight necks and sore backs to text thumb pain—and increased stress. Massage therapy can be the answer!

Anyone who has spent much time on a computer, cellphone, tablet or other advanced electronic device has surely experienced the discomfort of poor body mechanics and repetitive straining. These problems are not limited to the neck, as more people seek relief from shoulder, arms, wrists, hands, low-back and hip pain. Massage therapy can provide the damage control needed to combat injuries of the digital age.

Holding a smartphone in front of your body while looking down at it and typing, texting or surfing the Internet and you’ve lit the fuse leading to physical problems related to the neck.

The average human head weighs about 12 pounds—but for every inch the head hangs forward, the amount of weight put on the spine increases by 10 pounds. See how hours of peering down at a smartphone combined with 40-or-more pounds dangling from the spine can be an explosive combination—one that causes pain, tension and lack of mobility in the neck?

Not only does massage therapy provide some very needed downtime in a quiet and peaceful setting, it can also work out the kinks and knots in tight and stressed muscles created by hours spent on computers and other high-tech devices.

Muscles, ligaments and tendons all benefit from massage—but so does the mind, and this betterment is needed, as well, as Americans’ use of technology increases.

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