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Stomp Out Foot Cramps

Stomp Out Foot Cramps

Elements Massage Chandler West


Foot cramps often affect the arch and toes, and can last for a few minutes or sometimes persist for days. Foot cramps can be incredibly painful, but thankfully there are a few easy tricks to help work through them when they do happen.

Here are eight easy steps that can help assuage the cramp and ease recovery:

  1. Put your weight on the front part of the foot that is experiencing the cramp, and lift your other foot entirely off the ground.
  2. Try to walk off the pain after the initial spasm has passed
  3. Remove shoes or socks that could be affecting the cramp
  4. Sit down, keeping the affected foot on the ground
  5. Flex your toes by curling them away from you and towards the floor before pointing them back to you. If you are worried this may make the cramp worse, then skip this step!
  6. Carefully massage the area that is experiencing spasms until your foot relaxes
  7. If the pain persists, pull your toes back and hold them there momentarily.
  8. Apply heat to the affected area with a heating pad or warm, wet cloth.

Tired muscles, poor circulation, vitamin deficiencies, or muscle tightness among many other possible causes often contribute to muscle cramps and spasms. Making sure you stretch regularly and get the right nutrients can go a long way in helping with these symptoms, but regular therapeutic massage can help with many of these conditions such as circulation and muscle tightness. Call Elements Massage Chandler West to book an appointment today! (480) 219-9931

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