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So Much More Than Just a Massage

So Much More Than Just a Massage

Chandler West

There are many benefits that can come from massage therapy, which is why incorporating massage therapy into a regular routine to maintain optimal health is becoming increasingly common.

Some of the top health benefits associated with massages include the following:

Stress Relief

Massage therapy is naturally associated with promoting relaxation. The treatment triggers brain chemistry responses linked with decreased stress and improved mood. A sense of calm, enhanced creative thinking, mental alertness and the ability to better cope with stressors are commonly experienced by those participating in massage. This is why many people choose to get massages while at a spa retreat, or on a relaxing cruise. However, if you have a high-stress job, or a chaotic schedule, taking time for a weekly or bi-monthly massage will help your body and brain to better cope with stressors.

Improved Posture

According to the professionals at Health & Wellness Chiropractic of Utah, poor posture often develops over time as a compensation related to joint and muscle discomfort. Regular participation in massage therapy combats this coping mechanism by loosening muscles and providing relaxation for joints. This allows the body to return to its natural position. The benefits of good posture include improved breathing and a boost in self-confidence. If you work a desk job, or sit for a good portion of your days, massage therapy can help loosen muscles that naturally tighten when you spend all day hunched at a desk.

Promotion of Circulation

The actions of massage therapy facilitate the movement of blood and other essential body fluids throughout the body. Blood carries oxygen and nutrients to organs and muscles within the body for optimal functioning. Lymph is a fluid that carries away toxins and impurities from tissues. Research has actually shown that a regular massage routine can lower blood pressure. Maintaining a healthy blood pressure is an essential part of staving off heart disease and other chronic illnesses.

Strengthening of the Immune System

Believe it or not, massage therapy has also been shown in clinical studies to increase the strength of your body’s immune system. This is accomplished by increasing the activity level of the body’s defensive cells known as “killer cells." Regular massage treatments promote the body’s ability to naturally fight against bacteria and infection. If you are always getting sick, or just tend to feel “under the weather" more than most people, a regular massage routine might help you bounce back. With a stronger immune system, you’ll be able to fight off those pesky colds and illnesses that prey on your weak immune system.

Improved Flexibility

Flexibility and range of motion diminish with sedentary lifestyles and as a part of the aging process. Routine massage therapy keeps joints more fluid and makes them less prone to injuries. Massage works to get blood flowing to overactive muscles that have contracted due to stress or immobility. If you are starting to feel the effects of aging creep in, a regular massage can help you to maintain a healthy range of motion and level of flexibility. This is especially helpful if you are still exercising frequently and need increased flexibility for your workouts.

So, whether you need to relieve a little stress, or you are trying to strengthen your immune system, there are plenty of benefits for someone who schedules a weekly or bi-monthly massage. The numerous benefits of massage therapy result primarily by boosting the body’s own processes and natural recuperative powers. Incorporating this practice into a regular part of healthy living should be a consideration for anyone interested in feeling their best.

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