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Chandler West

I-10 and Ray Rd.

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7131 W Ray Rd
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Revitalize With Your Valentine

Revitalize With Your Valentine

1. Kick Up Your Feet: Prop up your valentine’s feet on a pillow and roll a golf ball back and forth, and side to side on the arch and heel of their foot.

2. Sweet Retreat: Enjoy strawberries and chocolate paired with your favorite bubbly beverage during a quiet evening of favorite music selections.

3. Extra Z’s: Give your valentine the gift of snooze with a sleep-in-late love note.

4. Power Down: Instead of connecting with your social media friends or working on the computer, unplug and reconnect with your valentine with some focused together time.

5. Hold Hands Again: Massage your valentine’s hand using the eraser end of a pencil. Start with a circular pressure at the base of the thumb, move to the web area between the thumb and first finger. Repeat moving to the padding between each finger at the palm.

6. Morning Delight: Surprise your valentine with all of their favorite breakfast treats served in bed.

7. Be a Sport: Reserve a seat at your local sports bar for the best seat in the house during the big game.

8. Together Time: Reduce stress and muscle tension by scheduling a couple’s massage. Whether in the same room or two rooms at the same time, wind down together. Then plan a dinner for two. Instead of an expensive dinner, pick –up your favorite take-out and bring it home so you both can enjoy stress-free dining together.

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