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Relax… It’s YOUR Massage!

Relax… It’s YOUR Massage!

Janet Schwab

Focus on Wellness
Submitted by Janet Schwab – owner Elements Massage

Relax… It’s YOUR Massage!

True relaxation comes when you empty your mind of outside thoughts and let go of your worries.

It can be hard to turn your brain off, even on a massage table. You’re wondering, “Will they care that I didn’t shave my legs this morning?” “I hope my hair doesn’t get messed up.”

“What if I don’t like something?” Stop thinking and relax!

Your Body…
Therapists remember you and your treatment – not your body. They are focusing on your massage. They simply want to help you feel better.

That Oily After Feeling…
We have lotion, crème and gel. Oil is used mostly for hot stone massages. We have towels available if you would like one after your massage.

No Face, No Feet, No Scalp…
If there is a part of your body, you don’t want massaged – no problem. Sometimes you might like it, other times not. And you can request a towel to keep your hair from getting lotion on it.

Sleeping, Snoring…
When you fall asleep, it is a sign you’re relaxed and that is just what therapists want for you. Your muscles are easy to work with when you are relaxed.

Massage should never be outside of your pain threshold. Your massage doesn’t have to be deep pressure to find relief. Swedish massage may be associated with relaxation but there are many of the same benefits. It’s ok to say less or more pressure anytime during your massage.

So relax. It’s always okay to speak up. Your massage should be about what makes you feel comfortable.

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