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Reducing Anxiety with Massage

Reducing Anxiety with Massage

Stephanie Ochoa

Anxiety roughly affects about 7 million American adults between the ages of 18-54. People that are inflicted with anxiety are often overly concerned about health issues, money, family problems or difficulties on the job. They can have negative, fearful thoughts about the future or suffer excessive guilt about some past event. Physical symptoms associate with anxiety include: muscle tension/aches, fatigue, headaches, difficulty swallowing, twitching, irritability, sweating, nausea, lightheadedness, frequent urination, hot flashes and shortness of breath. Most people will either go through life untreated or resort straight to prescription medication, but there is another way to naturally treat the symptoms of your anxiety.

Massage is a great and natural way to help treat the symptoms of general anxiety and help reduce stress levels. In fact, massage has been used for the treatment of anxiety for thousands of years and has been shown to promote relaxation and alleviate pain and anxiety in hospitalized cancer patients.

Massage therapy can act to cleanse the body of impurities by breaking down built up toxins or waste in muscles, and often has a calming effect on anxious patients. A good massage performed by a trained professional can help you relax and soothe the aches and pains in various parts of your body. While receiving a massage, one should avoid talking or dwelling on family, work or money matters. Instead, it's best to relax and clear the mind. Keep in mind that it takes time for massage therapy to begin working. This means that persistent pains and tensions will require several sessions but the calming effects take place immediately.

Always consult a physician when dealing with anxiety, for each individual case is different.

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