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Pregnant with 'Cankles'?

Pregnant with 'Cankles'?

Stephanie Ochoa

There are a few reasons to why your feet swell while pregnant; One being, your body produces and retains more fluid than normal and the other is that growing bump of yours, it is putting extra pressure on your veins causing the blood flow throughout your body to slow down a little.

Unfortunately there aren’t ways to avoid swollen and achy feet while pregnant, but there are ways to relieve it, massage being one of them! When you receive your prenatal massage at Elements Therapeutic Massage in Chandler your therapist will specifically ask, before each of your sessions, what your areas of concern are (your feet being one of them); be sure to mention every ache and pain, the more they know, the better you will feel.

Brittney H, one of Chandler’s prenatal therapists, gave us some insight on how you can relieve those swollen feet, “Massage is a fantastic way to help relieve some of that swelling, as well as effectively lower blood pressure. Massage effectively recirculates fluids that have been drawn to your lower limbs throughout the day back through your body, and alleviates most of the pressure and discomfort which comes from swollen limbs.” Brittney also mentioned soaking your feet in cold water, or using a pillow to elevate them while you rest.

Pregnancy can be a big mystery, especially when you experience some of the crazy symptoms, but having the knowledge on how to deal with these symptoms can make the process a little less scary.

* contact your healthcare provider at the sign of any excessive swelling.

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