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Oh girl or boy! - My, oh, my back is sore!

Oh girl or boy! - My, oh, my back is sore!

Stephanie Ochoa

Having muscle aches and pains? And what is that shooting pain going down my backside?!

Don’t worry, it is very common to have an achy back while pregnant, the extra weight gain, an increase in bust size, and a change in posture and the way you walk are all culprits to a sore back. There are many ways to relieve this pain at home (a warm bath, heating pad, lying on your side) but the best way to relieve an achy back is a prenatal massage at Elements Massage with the premier prenatal massage table. This special table is a wider massage table with a perfect cut- out and soft supportive sling for the belly so you can, yes, lay on your belly! This allows the certified prenatal massage therapist FULL access to your back to reduce the pressure you feel while standing up or lying down. Another very common pain is sciatic pain - a type of pain affecting the sciatic nerve, a large nerve extending from the lower back down the back of each leg. Sciatic is a shooting, achy pain that goes from the upper glutes all the way down your hamstrings. Yet another region in which the prenatal table comes in handy! Your therapist, with full access to your backside and back of legs, will be able to locate and relieve the sciatic pain. Ahhhh -- making you a very happy mommy!

With all of the information you are receiving, plans you have to make, and questions you have, an achy, sore back doesn’t have to add to the stress. Book your prenatal appointment at Elements and simply enjoy the relaxation, stress relief and pain reduction during this very special time in your life. Both you and the baby deserve it!

*Note: Massage is not recommended before the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. Please check with your healthcare provider before booking your appointment.

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