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Make Massage Your New Year's Resolution

Make Massage Your New Year's Resolution

Stephanie Ochoa

As we come upon a new year most people are thinking of ways to improve their lives. Making a new year’s resolution can be tricky, committing to an unobtainable goal can set you up for failure, but setting a goal for yourself such as ‘to improve overall wellness’ can be easy enough for anyone to stick to. One way to stay faithful to your new year’s resolution is by doing something that you can enjoy, like massage! Consider regular massage as a way to improve your mind and body for this upcoming New Year!

The most common New Year’s resolution is to lose weight, one that most people give up on by the 1st of February. While the goal of a healthier body weight is always a good start it might not be the easiest way to jump start a new life style. By doing something that is good for your body on a regular basis you can encourage yourself (subconsciously) to do other things that will benefit your body, such as eating healthier foods or working out. Massage is an overall health and wellness booster! Not only does it help relax your mind, by lowering the cortisol levels (stress hormones that accumulate belly fat), it aids in decreasing aches in pains that might slow you down. Receiving massage on a regular basis (monthly or bi-monthly) can keep all of these common symptoms at bay, maybe even depleting them permanently!

Make massage your New Year’s resolution and you won't be disappointed!

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