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I-10 and Ray Rd.

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Let Yourself Go?

Let Yourself Go?

Here are some tips to “Let Yourself Go” and maintain a healthy lifestyle:

Be Social! - People who make time for close pals tend to have lower levels of cortisol and other stress hormones.

Primp! - Psychologists say looking good gives you a sense of control and confidence easing the daily stresses of life.

Dance! - Moving in relation to one another fosters empathy, which lowers anxiety. Whether you bogey with a buddy, just snap your fingers or sing along – it releases endorphins and will lift your mood.

Drink! - Knocking one back occasionally can blow off steam and act as a mild sedative. So toast but don't get toasted: Chronic drinking can increase anxiety.

Indulge! - Fatty, sugary treats quell stress hormones, a study from the University of California at San Francisco finds. Nosh on a bit of naughty food sans guilt.

Laugh! - If we want to find more happiness we must learn to not take ourselves so serious. Real delight comes in life when we aren’t excessively worrying and overly concerned with every potential “what if?” scenario.

Managing your stress – “Letting Yourself Go” should be a priority whether it be through regular massage, yoga, meditation or however you choose – just choose something!

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