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Keeping You in the Swing of Things: Massage for Golfers and Tennis Players

Keeping You in the Swing of Things: Massage for Golfers and Tennis Players

Elements Massage Chandler West

As you spend time enjoying your favorite activity this spring, you may find yourself feeling a bit stiff or achy after all of the hard work involved in being active. This season, we invite you to come in to our Elements Chandler West studio for a massage with one of our expert therapists who can help keep you on top of your game and in the swing of enjoying life. Two sporting injuries common to the Valley of the Sun are both Golf and Tennis Elbow. Here’s how massage can help alleviate either condition so you can enjoy the court and course!

The Issues

Golf Elbow

The real name for the strain placed on the elbow stemming from repetitive movements in the sport of golf is medial epicondylitis. This condition most typically causes pain on the inner side of your elbow right where the tendons of your forearm connect to the muscles. Resulting in painful sensations like tingling or achiness, weakness and numbness, these symptoms can spread down your forearm and into your wrist, causing significant soreness that may interfere with your game. Not only can it interfere with your lifestyle on the course, if not appropriately treated, it can also inhibit your ability to do normal everyday items like shake hands, turn doorknobs, lift weights, or anything else that requires wrist movements.

Tennis Elbow

Otherwise referred to as lateral epicondylitis, tennis elbow is categorized as a repetitive strain injury (RSI) the same as Golf Elbow with one major difference, Tennis Elbow is more of a tendon inflammation that stems from wrist issues and travels up to the tendons that connect your muscles to your bones in your elbow. The motion of swinging a racket or any other movement that taxes your wrist muscles (like typing, knitting, or chopping vegetables) can leave you cringing with pain and stiffness.

Getting your wrists and elbows back into functioning shape may include several different methods of treatment to diminish pain and help you return to your normal activities. Resting the affected area is key in allowing your muscles to decrease inflammation, which should allow the pain to subside. Massage is another excellent component to treating any elbow issues. With massage modalities like Sports Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, and Deep Tissue massage, one of our knowledgeable massage therapists can help locate your individual sore spots and help work through tension and stiffness so you can get back to having an active spring!

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