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How Massage Helps the Elderly

How Massage Helps the Elderly

Elements Massage Chandler West

When it comes to the therapeutic benefits delivered by massage, at Elements Massage Chandler West we know your age doesn’t matter. The art of massage can bring a wide variety of positive aspects that contribute to the health and wellbeing of individuals that span the gamut across many different age groups. However, more recent research suggests that massage may deliver extra physical and mental benefits to an aging population by encouraging both health and wellbeing. In terms of age-related diseases, massage is a more natural and holistic approach to wellness. Here’s a bit more on how and why it works such wonders:

Interactive Touch

The power of human touch isn’t quite understood completely but the physical interaction received through a session with a professional massage therapist can produce tangible results. A massage can facilitate communication and relaxation and the manipulation of skin can help the elderly feel more vibrant and connected to humankind. This connection is a critical component to a sense of belonging.

Physical Stimulation

With the boost massage lends to the circulatory system to increase lymph and blood flow throughout the body or help relax tired muscles, the physical stimulation achieved through gentle strokes, kneading, and the light application of pressure can help individuals retain flexibility, range of motion, and muscle strength.

Better Sleep
By harnessing the art of relaxation, massage can induce a calmer central nervous system that can also help improve quality of sleep. Better sleep also grants the body an opportunity to repair and regenerate itself to help contribute to an overall greater sense of health and wellness.

As a frequently marginalized age bracket, the elderly thrive on the mind and body connection maximized through a massage session. Studies on aging show that age-related conditions and diseases may be slowed with mental stimulation and physical engagement!

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