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How Frequently Should I Get a Massage?

How Frequently Should I Get a Massage?

Elements Massage Chandler West


There are many benefits that come with massage therapy, such improved circulation, reduced stress, increased flexibility, boosted mood, and many more. So the question then becomes how frequently you should book your appointments in order to see these benefits, as well as how long your session should be. The answer to these questions will vary for each person, and some things to consider when putting together your ideal massage schedule are free time, goals, and cost.

The sad reality is that even if we wanted to have a therapeutic massage every day, odds are there is simply not enough free time during our schedules to allow for that. The good news is that research has shown that with regular massage only every four to six weeks, a client can still see improved sleep, reduced stress, and enhanced circulation. Most of us can find an hour somewhere during our month to improve our health and well being with massage therapy. Once you determine how often your schedule allows you to book appointments – once every month, once every two weeks, or so on – then take a look at what your goals are for your appointments. For instance, if you’re seeking massage therapy for chronic pain with the advisement of your doctor, then it’s recommended to book your appointments once a week for the first month before reducing the frequency. If you are seeking to ease tension and strain that is built up on a regular basis, then an appointment once a month or once every two weeks is more conducive to your goals.

Finally, massage therapy costs money, and often people may view this cost as prohibitive. However, at Elements Massage Chandler West we uunderstand people need to budget and want to make massage therapy more affordable with our membership program. Massage therapy is preventative and has been linked to decreased health costs, but budget can still be an important factor in determining whether you book an appointment once a month or twice a month. Regular massage is without a doubt beneficial to both physical and mental health, but there is no “one size fits all” frequency – how often you go is determined by your own schedule, needs, and budget.

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