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Words of Wellness

How can you simplify your life?

How can you simplify your life?

Janet Schwab


How can you simplify your life?

Simplify everything. It leads to a quiet, content life full of space, with only the things that matter to you.

So how do you simplify? As simply as possible.

Here are a few ways:

  1. Block off some disconnected time. Schedule some time every day for disconnection: maybe a block in the morning where you get your best work done, and a block in the afternoon when you get out and active, or connect with friends or family.

  2. Start eliminating commitments. List your commitments, and pick one to eliminate today. You’ll start to free up time for what’s more important to you.

  3. Start purging possessions. Every day, find 5 things to donate or give to friends. Or clear an entire shelf or countertop, leaving only the things you actually use, getting rid of the rest. Slowly your possessions will be simplified to just the essentials.

  4. Pick Up. When you’re done with anything, get in the habit of pausing before moving onto the next thing, and cleaning up after yourself. This simple habit will keep you mindful while saving you lots of cleanup later.

  5. Schedule time for what’s important. What’s most important to you? Your Health? Your spouse or kids? Creating? Reading novels? Cooking, gardening, crafts, carpentry? Make the time for it.

  6. Get outdoors once a day. Too often we are stuck at a desk or on the couch. Get outside, take a walk, and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. Go for a hike or a run with a friend. Play some sports. Run around and play tag with your kids. These simple activities will change your life.

  7. Drink tea. Green tea brewed from relatively fresh whole tea leaves is calming, healthy, and wonderful. A daily tea ritual keeps you grounded and mindful.

  8. Combine tasks - Down time, something you enjoy and something healthy just for you!

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