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FOCUS ON WELLNESS: Thrive While You Drive

FOCUS ON WELLNESS: Thrive While You Drive

Janet Schwab

Have you ever arrived at your destination more stressed than when you left and you were driving from work to something recreational? In a study conducted at UC Irvine, researchers discovered that stressful driving has direct physiological causes such as increasing blood pressure and releasing stress hormones into the body. This stress compounds bad habits so lowering stress, can improve driving habits.

Consider these:

Plan - Know approximately how long the drive will take, leave on time, don’t look at the clock. Time management reduces stress.

Move - Sitting in one position for longer than 15 minutes slowly stiffens muscles. Do exercises like neck extensions, shoulder rolls and tummy tucks to help you relax.

Groove - Analyze your music preference -does it add unnecessary stress while driving? Reduce stress - sing out loud to your favorite song or consider soothing music without lyrics.

Breathe - Instead of cursing red lights, look at it as an opportunity to be fully present and focus on deep breathing. Take a deep breath through your nose, hold it for four seconds, and slowly exhale through your mouth.

Focus – Forget multitasking while you drive. Our brains become less productive when trying to multi-task which is inherently a stressor.

You can’t control other drivers, you can’t control traffic or road conditions but you can control your stress. First, reduce the stressors while you drive. Next, manage the world outside your car and consider monthly therapeutic massage to enhance your life and aid in your relaxation, stress relief and overall well-being. Call Elements Massage Chandler West today and book a massage customized just for you – 480-219-9931.

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