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Five Tips to Weekend Warrior Wellness

Five Tips to Weekend Warrior Wellness

Stephanie Ochoa

Taking a few minutes in between birthday parties and shopping trips to follow a few simple tips can be refreshing and revitalizing to any weekend warrior, and won’t interfere with busy schedules.

This first tip sounds simple enough but isn’t utilized as much as it should be. Take a few seconds in a quiet space to just focus on your breathing (this can even be done in your car on the go). C Sit in a comfortable position, and breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. Every time you breathe in picture energy/calm/strength entering your body, then each time you breathe out pictures all the fatigue/stress/chaos leaving your body. Repeat this exercise until you feel refreshed and ready to go.

A lot of people spend the weekends skipping their workouts, but a quick walk or run can really do the body some good. A nice brisk walk or a quick 20 minute run can clear your head, give you some energy, and help keep your body strong. Not the running type? Spending any length of time moving your body and being active throughout your weekend can benefit you, swimming with the family, (cruising the beach on a bike), or playing volleyball with friends). The key to feeling great is to stay active.

If you are anything like me, the weekend is one big excuse to eat whatever I want, whenever I want; calories aren’t real on the weekends. Although eating like you are in college again can be liberating, all the grease and sugar can leave you feeling sluggish and bloated. Try to sneak in some healthy snacks in between the slices of pizza. Cutting up fruits and vegetables are an obvious choice for some healthy foods, but try some non-conventional healthy treats as a way to keep the fun going on your weekend. Juicing bars, vegan restaurants, or farmers markets are great way to get some healthy food in your system without slowing down the enjoyment of the weekend.

An obvious perk to the weekends is forfeiting the alarm clock, but taking time in the middle of the busy day can help add some relaxation into it. Twenty minutes is all you need to relax your mind and body and feel the benefits of a quick ‘cat nap’ (boost in energy and a clear mind). Taking the time to relax your muscles (including your brain) can benefit your overall health including giving your immune system a boost.

Last but certainly not least is ultimate in wellness and relaxation …MASSAGE! With all the benefits massage can offer (stress relief, pain relief, and increased vitality) massage can be a great choice to help keep you a strong weekend warrior. Dedicate one weekend hour a month to experience the ultimate in relaxation and reap the benefits of monthly massage.

By following these 5 simple tips you can really add a significant amount of health and wellness to not only your weekend but your life!

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