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Enjoying the Holidays

Enjoying the Holidays

Elements Massage Chandler West

At Elements Massage Chandler West we know that at this time of year it’s easy to get caught up in a whirlwind of activities and errands. With holiday parties to plan and attend, guests to host or travel to do, oftentimes the holiday season can leave you feeling extra stressed, fatigued, and more of a grinch to be around that we’re sure you’d like. This year, set yourself up for a happy, healthy, and enjoyable holiday season by remembering these key things:

  • Its Complicated
    Many people have conflicting feelings about the holidays. It’s a time of year that promotes reflection on the past accomplishments or failures of the year. Others feel the stress of putting together the perfect party, the perfect outfit, or finding the perfect present for that difficult to shop for loved one. It’s okay to have a lot of emotions and feelings about the season. When combined with winter, it’s easy to feel isolated and lonely but it’s important not to bottle up your emotions or dwell in the negative. Instead, this year, try to take some time for yourself when you feel overwhelmed and acknowledge your valuable feelings but don’t let them overtake you.
  • Be Realistic
    From budget to parties to presents, it’s easy to go overboard. Whether in the planning phases of a great meal or spending too much money on presents, this season put some boundaries in place to decrease stress or regret later. To do this, write up the meals or baked goods you are thinking about making and then create a budget around what you are willing to spend. If something needs to go, then don’t hesitate to reduce your plans a bit. There’s so much excess around the holidays, no one will notice that you didn’t double your batch of sugar cookies! For gift-buying, do a similar thing. Other ways to show your gratitude and appreciation for your friends and loved ones is to donate to charity, do an activity like hiking or visiting the zoo together, or start a gift exchange where everyone draws one name.
  • Maintain Your Health
    It’s easy to overeat or over-imbibe with the many meals and events around the holidays. To help you feel your best, try to maintain your regular healthy habits like exercising, drinking plenty of water, and taking care of yourself with massages or yoga to nurture your mind and body. Set aside fifteen minutes a day to work on intentional breathing or meditating on the positive aspects of your life or take a ten minute walk outside to help you feel grounded and present.
  • Let Family Be Family
    Family can be great or a bit troublesome but regardless, they are still family. Set aside differences and set yourself up with the expectation that you will let things go. Don’t take the bait on difficult discussions or remarks, just focus on an inner-mantra that there may be grievances but you are going to enjoy this holiday! Letting things slide will not only enable you to navigate a happy season but it can disable the power of disagreements since if there’s no one to engage with, arguments can’t happen!

    These practical tips can help you enjoy the beautiful holiday season no matter what it brings. It’s a great time of year if you set yourself up to relish the moments and remember to take time for you if you are feeling overwhelmed! That's when you call Elements Massage Chandler West 480.219.9931.

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