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Ending Your Day Great

Ending Your Day Great

Stephanie Ochoa

Every get towards the end of your day and not feel as good as you would like? Maybe a good night’s sleep will cure a foggy mind, but who wants to go to bed on a bad note? Clearing your mind before going to sleep can help you sleep better; here are a few ways to end your day feeling relaxed and great!

1. Try to recall anything good that happened to you; by doing so, you will find the good in the day rather than focusing on the bad, instant mood picker-upper!

2. If you can’t quite get past something that happened, try to come up with ways that you could have handled the situation differently. Go through the scenario in your head and pick out when and where you could have turned it around. Focus on the fact that you have now learned from your mistake and can move on from it…doesn’t keep obsessing over it!

3. Watch or read something that you always put you in a good mood. Even if you read a couple of pages or watch TV. for a few minutes it can help turn your mood around. Comedy books/TV shows/ movies are the best way to end a night, nothing too heavy emotionally or too violent.

4. Prepare for the morning. Put the coffee on a timer, pack your bags, set out your clothes; preparing for the morning can ease your mind about the chaos that mornings usually ensue. Knowing that everything is ready to go for the next day can relieve a lot of night time stress.

5. Get a massage at the end of the day, rather than the middle. Massages help ease your mind and body, by receiving your massage at night, before bed, you can erase all the negative that happened in your day and rest peacefully knowing that the next day will be better

We can’t always have good days, a lot of the time we end the day on an exhausted/stressed out note. This doesn’t help when trying to sleep; sleep is needed to revitalize your mind and body. End each day with one of these tips and you will notice the difference!

-Live Well

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