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Chandler West

I-10 and Ray Rd.

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7131 W Ray Rd
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Words of Wellness

Do you feel the season-changing blues?

Do you feel the season-changing blues?

We thrive in the sunlight and wither in the darkness. Season Affective Disorder - SAD is caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain. This imbalance is triggered by the shortening of the days in autumn and a lack of sunlight in winter. Massage is one of the best alternate therapies and the massage therapists at Elements Massage Chandler West are ready to help.

Our body’s biology urges us to curl up in a ball and sleep away the darker months. Unfortunately, most of us lead a hectic lifestyle that doesn’t include time for hibernation.

Massage may be the best choice of alternate therapies for SAD sufferers. Why? Because massage doesn’t require much effort on the part of the recipient. Once the appointment is made, the recipient just needs to show up and climb onto a table. From that point on, he or she can relax and let the therapist do all the work.

But how does massage help SAD sufferers? Massage alleviates the symptoms of SAD in a variety of ways. First of all, massage releases endorphins, which creates a euphoric feeling and fights depression. Massage also lowers the recipient’s blood pressure, improves circulation, positively stimulates the nerve endings, removes toxins and improves energy and concentration. By receiving regular massages, the SAD sufferer will experience less intense symptoms and will regain a more positive and healthy perspective on life.

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