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A Walk Through of the Elements Experience for New Clients

A Walk Through of the Elements Experience for New Clients

Elements Massage Chandler West

For the uninitiated, a massage session can seem like a daunting and anxiety ridden experience. That is why today we wanted to take a moment to walk those who have never had the pleasure of visiting a professional massage studio through our process. At Elements Massage Chandler West, our massage studio experience is unlike any other. Here is what you can expect when you walk through our door for the first time:

  • Friendly administrative staff greet you in a warmly lit waiting area. After your appointment is confirmed, you are asked to fill out a form that lists any potential health issues that the massage therapist should be made aware of. While you are waiting to be brought to your massage room, you will be offered refreshments like cool, cucumber infused water.
  • Your massage therapist will quietly retrieve you from the waiting room and guide you to the massage room. Unless you are getting a couples massage with a spouse or loved one, you will be in a private room with just you and your massage therapist present. The room will be very dimly lit with soft music playing and no strong scented oils present. Our massage therapists use unscented, water based lotions to keep your skin safe and to not assault your senses with overpowering smells.
  • Your massage therapist will then talk you about any of the injuries or medical conditions that you listed on your intake form. This can include a chronic injury to a certain area of your body like a bad shoulder or knee, as well as more positive conditions like being a nursing mother. In that instance, you would be offered a specialized pillow that will allow you to lay on your stomach and receive deep pressure on your back during the massage without causing any discomfort to your chest. Since it is your first time, your massage therapist will also explain that you have the option to disrobe completely or keep on any underwear or item of clothing that you need to in order to feel comfortable.
  • At this point your massage therapist will leave the room and give you a moment to remove your clothes and get under the covers on the massage table. Our massage tables are shaped like long twin beds with a small padded hole at one end where your face goes while laying on your stomach. The beds can be adjusted, up and down, so that your massage therapist can accurately get to every part of your body. Once you are ready and on the massage table, your massage therapist will re-enter and begin the session. They will ask you to be in constant communication with them, letting them know when you are applying too much or not enough pressure. They will not chit chat or make small talk so feel free to completely relax, close your eyes, and give over to the experience.
  • Once the session has ended, your massage therapist will leave the room and give you time to get dressed. Before leaving, they will give you a short consultation based on what they saw and felt on your body. This can range from a recommendation to go home and take an epsom salt bath, to incorporating some light stretching into your daily routine. They do this because the massage therapists at Elements are trained to care for your well being, inside and outside of our studios. They will inevitably recommend that you come back for maintenance sessions but at no point will you be up-sold or pressured into booking your next session in that moment.

Before you leave, your massage therapist will also give you some advice for caring for yourself the rest of that day which will include drinking plenty of water and getting plenty of rest. This is sage advice especially for the first timer as a massage can leave you feeling both heavily relaxed but also somewhat exhausted. It’s a good idea to schedule your first massage on a day that you do not have much going on so that you can spend the rest of it relaxing and paying attention to the sensations that you felt during the session. We hope this took some of the mystery and anxiety out of it for you. Come in and visit us and see for yourself what the Elements Massage experience is like. 480.219.9931

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