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5 Ways to Wellness

5 Ways to Wellness

Stephanie Ochoa

In today’s society everybody is on the go. We fill our days with early morning meetings, work projects through lunch, evening soccer practice for the kids, dinner on the fly, and late night social events, with all of this in one day it can be hard to fit in any more. The stress of living can be overwhelming and usually doesn’t get noticed until it is too late. Our bodies are run down by the lack of relaxation and the influx of unhealthy eating habits. By incorporating these 5 (very easy) steps you can incorporate wellness into your life without interupting your daily schedule.

1. One really easy way to incorporate wellness into your daily schedule is by adding a healthy snack into your day. Let’s face it, heavy/greasy foods make us feel run down, start adding an apple between meals, or better yet a raw juice from a juice bar. By adding in some fruits and vegetables to your daily diet you can give your body a natural energy boost!

2. Find time to relax, bare with me here! A lot of you just laughed out loud when you read this but it can be really simple, hear me out. What is the most stressful part of your day? Getting out of the door in the morning? Dinner time? Whatever it may be, take 5 minutes before this stressful time, close your eyes and just breathe. You don’t have to do anything for those 5 minutes but breathe. You can think about how you are going to tackle this particular part of your day, or you can imagine your next vacation. All you need is 5 minutes out of your day to feel a significant difference in your stress levels.

3. Put your phone down…seriously, put it down. A big source of stress and anxiety in our lives comes from the constant contact we have with the outside world; emails, Facebook, text messages stream across our screens almost constantly causing our brains to do 100 things at once. Prioritize your attention, make sure you are focusing on 1 thing at a time, this eliminates anxiety. Anxiety is a major health issue causing weight gain, heart palpitations, and premature aging.

4. Physical activity, get moving! You don’t need to join a gym or add yoga classes to your schedule, start by taking the stairs instead of the elevator (I am sure you have heard this one a lot, but it really helps!) or walk to the nearest spot for lunch instead of ordering in. You don’t have to go above and beyond to get in some physical activity and your heart will thank you!

5. Last but CERTIANTLY not least...schedule a massage! This step is the most enjoyable way to include wellness into your life. Massage not only reduces stress levels significantly but can address any other problem areas you might have such as lower back pain, headaches, and tight muscles. Receiving massage on a regular basis (at least once a month)can change the way your entire body feels.

Follow these steps then let us know how they have made you feel, comment below! We love to hear from our readers and clients!

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