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Elements Massage 323 Metzler Dr, Suite 105
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323 Metzler Dr
Suite 105
Castle Rock, CO 80104

Mon - Sun 9am - 9pm

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Words of Wellness

Let's Talk Detox

Let's Talk Detox

Each day our organs are programmed to clean or detox our bodies. In order to aide your body with the detox process there are some simple choices you can make daily. The things you eat, the exercise you may or may not do, and the amount of water you drink during the day can go a long way to making sure your body is toxin free. Below are some easy ways to start on the path of detox.

  1. Drink lots of water. There are many suggestions as to the amount of water you should drink each day, and they can change based on your body weight and the climate you live in. Try starting with eight glasses of water each day, and then monitor the color of your urine: pale yellow is the color you are looking for. If it is darker than pale yellow, then add a glass or two of water to your daily intake. When starting your day, drink a tall glass of water with juice from half of a lemon. The addition of lemon helps re-hydrate and promotes digestion.
  2. Exercise. When you exercise, you do more than shed excess body weight. Exercise encourages circulation in the body, helps your digestive system move along, and produces sweat. The sweat eliminates excess salts and other metabolites from within the body. The breathing, movement and perspiration from exercise all work together to assist your body in the cleansing process, and make you feel good at the same time.
  3. Add massage to your routine. A massage can be a relaxing indulgence, but it can also be a great way to increase circulation and detox the body. A good Swedish or Sports massage that hits the pressure points is the best choice to rid yourself of toxins. To add even more benefits to your massage, be sure to drink lots of water both before and after.

These are only a few ways to aid your body in detoxification. You may also try cutting back on caffeine and alcohol, eating more fiber, or eliminating processed foods from your diet. A healthier lifestyle with minimal toxins will make you feel better inside and out

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