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Your over all well-being is our top priority!

Your over all well-being is our top priority!

Anita Sheth

At Elements, one of our missions is to provide continuuing education for our therapists. Last month, Elements Woodridge was pleased and excited to partner with a guru in the massage industry, Eric Stephenson of, to further enhance the training of its skilled massage therapist staff. The hands-on course was designed to teach the therapists new techniques and new skills, all of which will benefit our wonderful clients. The training was so successful that this may be an annual event for us! Pictures of this event are featured on our Facebook page!

Spring Into a New You by Re-Enlisting Your New Year’s Resolutions

Your New Year’s resolutions may be taking a back seat now that it has been a few months since the ball dropped on New Year’s Eve and the hustle and bustle of your daily life has taken over full speed. But before you give up on fulfilling your resolutions and reverting back to your same old habits, take a minute today to reconsider your New Year’s goals and decide whether they are worth re-focusing on. It’s never too late to spring into a new you by jump-starting your resolutions starting right now. The following are some guidelines to get you started again on the path to overall health and wellness for your mind and body.

Release Mind and Body Tension: Whether you are logging long hours sitting behind a desk or juggling a hectic schedule full of personal and professional obligations, mind and body tension can build up in no time. When you are burdened with heavy tension, it’s easy to lose sight of your goals and aspirations. To stay on track to accomplishing your New Year’s resolutions, make it a point to regularly release your pressure and tension in a healthy way. Start and end each day with slow, deep breathing exercises to keep you focused on your goals and find a tension outlet like an activity or sport to routinely release your mind and body’s tension.

Stay Healthy and Active: When your mind and body become immobile, it can be very difficult to focus on the big picture, as well as take the steps necessary to accomplish your goals. The repeating routine of everyday life can take a toll on your body and before you know it you are playing catch up in every aspect of your life. To stay on top of your game mentally and physically, while consistently working toward your overall goals, it is important to adopt a healthy and fit lifestyle that incorporates well-rounded nutrition with regularly scheduled fitness activities and mental/emotional release outlets.

Spring into Your New Year’s Resolutions with Massage Therapy: To successfully re-start the New Year’s resolutions that you have abandoned and re-focus on becoming the new person you desire, you should enlist the help of expert therapeutic massage therapists to balance your mind and body. Regularly scheduled massage helps keep you on top of your health, rather than playing catch-up when aches and pains begin to develop. Massage also remedies the tension caused by your hectic daily routine, as well as improves your general attitude and outlook on life.

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