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The power of the heart

The power of the heart

Anita S.

The heart is an amazing organ. Not only does it pump thousands of gallons of blood throughout our bodies on a daily basis, which sustains our life, it also allows us to feel the most powerful emotion in the universe; LOVE.

Being able to feel love is liberating, as it frees us from boundaries and inhibitions, gives us happiness, and brings an overall sense of warmth. Love leads to compassion, understanding and forgiveness. Were we to have more love in the world, this could possibly lead to more acceptance and tolerance of each other.

Most importantly, if we practice self-love, and accept ourselves just as we are, we are truly able to love others without restrictions or judgments. By showing up on time for work, or being present for another person, or for providing for our families, and by doing what is necessary, we owe ourselves love.

Love abundantly and without any restrictions.

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