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The amazing heart!

The amazing heart!

Anita S.

L-O-V-E. Four letters that form a word which can change the world. If we had more love on earth, we would have more tolerance, more understanding, more acceptance, more forgiveness. Ultimately, this would result in less strife, and more unity among people, among cultures, among nations.

Love is an emotion which is thought to originate in our heart, a beautiful and fragile organ which performs an incredible function in our bodies, allowing us to be alive, and to feel! Love is often described as a feeling of intense affection and concern for another person. Take the opportunity, during heart month, to express your love to the people for whom you harbor this incredible emotion! Whether it be your partner, your child, your parent, your sibling, your neighbor.....don't let the opportunity pass. Say "I love you" to the persons in your life who mean something to you!

February is heart month; when the heart gets recognition. On the physical level, the heart controls the circulation of blood in our body, and on an emotional level, is also thought to be the vital center of human feeling. This month, women, in particular, are encouraged to take charge of their heart health, as heart disease is the number one killer of women. There are many factors which are in our control that can help us live healthier lives, and, therefore, protect our hearts. Learning how to protect against heart disease, and changing our negative habits, can mean the difference between life and death.

Live healthy and love with all your heart!

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