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Stretch Yourself!

Stretch Yourself!

Anita S.

Most of us are aware of the benefits of daily exercise/movement/activity. There are also significant benefits from daily stretching. As the body ages, muscles become tighter and our range of motion diminishes, resulting in a lack of flexibility and balance. When we are used to being able to move around with ease, and are unable to do so as we age, it can cause us much "dis ease", which can lead to "disease".

Stretching is something that can easily be done in whatever surroundings you are in. While sitting at a desk, there are hand and shoulder stretches that can be done. Leg and back stretches can be done while watching your favorite TV shows. As you begin to learn how to stretch your body, you will also learn the art of breathing. Fresh, oxygenated blood to the areas that are being stretched is like giving new life to these areas.

Stretching, as you age, will be an important factor in how your body ages. Don't take your body for granted; contribute towards its longevity and nurture it by eating healthy foods, daily activity, and of course, regular massage and stretching.

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